Since the beginning of the pandemic, the 81-year-old Hollywood reading has been in a relationship with the young woman Noor Alfallah. They’ve already been photographed together in public.

Al Pacino, who is 81 years old, is dating a woman who is 53 years his junior. He is seeing Noor Alfallah, Mick Jagger’s ex-girlfriend, according to Page Six.

Pacino and Alfallah were seen together at a Los Angeles group dinner this week.

The couple met at a dinner party and kept their romance under wraps until they were photographed together in a Paris restaurant during the Rolling Stones’ No Filter tour.

Who Is Al Pacino Dating? Complete Relationship Update!

The duo was previously photographed together leaving Felix Trattoria in Venice, Calif., as paparazzi snapped them getting into the same car. After actor Jason Momoa shared a photo of the supper on his Instagram account, it quickly went viral. Meital Dohan, an Israeli actress, was Al Pacino’s previous girlfriend. The actress eventually ended her relationship with the legendary actor since it appeared that their 40-year age difference was causing them problems. Dohan previously stated in an interview that despite their split, she still loved and valued Pacino and was grateful to be a part of his legacy by being there for him when he needed her.

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“During the pandemic, Pacino and Noor started dating.” “She generally dates very wealthy older men,” a source informed the aforementioned outlet. “She was with Mick Jagger for a while and then dated Nicholas Berggruen.”

“He’s known Al for a long time and they get along swimmingly. Although he is older than his father, the age gap does not appear to be an issue. She hangs out with the wealthy upper crust and comes from a well-to-do family,” the source claimed.

On Saturday night, the actor was photographed exiting Felix Trattoria restaurant in Venice Beach, California, after supper with Alfallah.

After Jason Momoa shared a snapshot of the dinner on Instagram, it was revealed that Al Pacino had a phone cover for Shrek.

Who Is Al Pacino Dating? Complete Relationship Update!

Noor is the vice president of Sony’s Lynda Obst Productions and is said to be working on two feature films with Obst.

“He hails from a wealthy family,” the sources continued.

It’s the first time Al Pacino has been seen with another woman since his divorce from Israeli actress Meital Dohan in 2020, which was over an age gap.

Dohan, 42, a “Weeds” actress, stated after their two-year romance ended that the nearly four-decade age gap between them was too challenging. Dohan told Israeli magazine La’Isha, “It’s hard to be with such an old man, even Al Pacino.”

“I recently split up with him after a quarrel, but I still love and admire him, and I’m grateful to have been there for him when he needed me and to be a part of his legacy.” It was a privilege for me. He told the press, “I’m delighted this friendship happened between us.”

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He also attempted to be frugal with the actor, saying, “He just brought me flowers.” “How do I tell respectfully that he dislikes spending money?”

Al Pacino has a long line of renowned girlfriends, including Diane Keaton, Penelope Ann Miller, and Kathleen Quinlan. He has three grown children.

Prior to Dohan, the Hollywood celebrity was married to Argentinian actress Lucia Polak for ten years, and her daughter Camila Morrone has been dating Leonardo DiCaprio since 2017.

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