Chris Wilding was born in Canada’s New Westminster on February 27, 1978. In 2021, Chris Wilding will be 43 years old.

Chris Wilding is a well-known actor who is of good height and a normal weight. On the other hand, he is shorter than the average Canadian man. Chris Wilding’s exact height is 5 feet and 8 inches. His body weight also seems to be more fit and healthy. So, we can assume that he is the right weight. Chris Wilding is 68 kg in weight.

Who Is Chris Wilding's Boyfriend? Complete Details!

Chris Wilding is a writer, actor, and producer from Canada. People in the crowd have been loving and supporting him. Wilding has been in a number of movies, like “After the Ball,” “A Guy Thing,” “Scary Movie,” and “Annie O.” Chris Wilding has been in a number of movies, and he also writes for “The Howard Stern Show.”

Since then, he has been getting more and more attention from the crowd. Chris Wilding has also been in a few TV shows with Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Gardner, and Dennis Quaid.

Chris Wilding was born in Canada, but he now lives in New York.

Chris Wilding hasn’t said anything about his parents yet. Chris Wilding went to John Abbott College when he was young. Chris Wilding hasn’t said anything about his education yet.

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Who Is Chris Wilding’s Boyfriend?

Wilding has talked about a boyfriend on The Howard Stern Show, but his name has not been made public.

In a September 2021 episode of the show in which Wilding was a guest said that the man is from Colombia.

Wilding told the show’s listeners personal details about his relationship. He also said that he Covid tests his partner to make sure they are healthy and safe.

Who Is Chris Wilding's Boyfriend? Complete Details!

After Wilding told all the dirty details during the show, host Howard Stern asked, “Are you in love, dude?”

“Well, I guess I am,” Wilding said.

Fans of the show are hoping to see photos of the couple soon, but Wilding’s Instagram account is still private.

How long has The Howard Stern Show been on air?

Stern is a regular on Sirius XM. He got his start in radio in the 1970s.

In 1985, The Howard Stern Show started on the radio station WXRK-FM in New York City.

In 2004, he made a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio, which later changed its name to Sirius XM Radio, for many years and a lot of money.

Stern upset some of his fans when he took time off during the summer of 2021, but he has since come back from his break.

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Who Is Chris Wilding's Boyfriend? Complete Details!

Chris Wilding Net Worth

Chris Wilding makes a living by contributing his writing and acting skills to the show that carries his name, “The Howard Stern Show.” Chris Wilding’s previous experience includes working for a comedy talk show in the capacities of host, writer, and editor.

Chris Wilding is believed to have a net worth of 545 thousand US dollars, according to a variety of sources.

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