Who Is Joel Embiid’s Girlfriend?

People say that girls like scars, but sometimes what they really want in life is an NBA player. On the other hand, many NBA stars like Joel Embiid, center for the Philadelphia 76ers, used to want to date a Brazilian model. I say “had” because Embiid is now dating someone, and that someone is Anne de Paula, who is a bombshell. In this piece, we’ll learn about Mrs. Process, including how she met Embiid and what she was doing before she caught the eye of the Cameroonian, among other things. Take a deep breath and maybe watch some Joel Embiid highlights to get you going, then come back to finish reading this thoughtful piece about the woman who captured the heart of The Process. Here is Joel Embiid’s girlfriend: her name is Anne de Paula.

About Joel Embiid’s Girlfriend: Anne de Paula

On March 31, 1995, Anne de Paula came into the world. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which is tens of thousands of miles from Cameroon, South Africa, where Joel Embiid is from. Anne is a Roman Catholic, which doesn’t come as much of a shock since she is from Brazil.

The Famous People says that Anne was always interested in soccer, which is a very important sport in Brazil. Cameroon is also a big sports country, so Embiid could relate to this. If Embiid hadn’t grown up to be so tall, he might have played soccer instead of basketball for a living. Even so, Joel continues to watch football a lot.

When Embiid and Anne met for the first time, he wasn’t really looking for anything serious in a relationship. In fact, they ran into each other by chance the first time. When Anne first met Embiid, she didn’t have a clue what he was into.

“He met de Paula when he wasn’t looking for anyone. They just happened to attend the same dinner with a mutual friend in New York City in 2018. And as she remembers it, neither of them really said much during dinner. She didn’t even realize he was a basketball player until he stood up at the end of the meal and she saw how tall he was.”

People started to think that Embiid and de Paul were dating that same year, but their relationship wasn’t clear until Sixers owner Michael Rubin posted on Instagram to congratulate Embiid and de Paul on their engagement. Before that, Embiid talked to GQ about his relationships, but he didn’t mention de Paula:

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The girl who was dating Joel Embiid was already modeling for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. In a short profile, SI said the following about her:

“Brazilian model Anne de Paula made her SI Swimsuit debut as part of the 2017 SI Swimsuit model search, where she shot in body paint. She won the fan vote that year and became a 2018 SI Swimsuit rookie. Anne is a proud dog mom and splits her time between New York City and Philadelphia.”

Since she spent most of her time in New York City and Philadelphia, she was always close to the center of Embiid-mania. Embiid was drafted by the Sixers in 2014, so he became a big deal.

It wasn’t hard to see why they fell in love since they have a lot in common. Both Anne and Joel like soccer. They can talk in French. In Shelburne’s profile of Embiid, there was a quote that showed that the two of them both wanted to have a family:

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“It started off as a beautiful friendship,” she says. They both loved soccer, both spoke French and both wanted a family more than anything. “We FaceTimed every day for a while. … He just has this personality where he wants to motivate you. His friends, his family and now with Arthur — he pushes all of us to be the best of ourselves.

Two years into their relationship, in September 2020, Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid came into the world, making their dream of having a family come true. As a social media star himself, Embiid didn’t wait long to show the world how proud he was to become a dad. Soon after his son Arthur was born, Embiid posted a picture of himself with Arthur on Instagram. He even joked that he was curious if Arthur was the first of 11 more kids he would have with de Paula.

Even though she was three months pregnant with Arthur at the time, Anne de Paula managed to pose for the 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar. She really works hard at what she does. At the time this was written, 236,000 people follow Anne on Instagram.

By Heather Wilson

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