Who Is Tj Osborne’s Boyfriend? Complete Biography, relationship Details!

T.J. became the first male musician signed to a major country label to open up about his sexual orientation. In the song “Younger Me,” which won the Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance, he reminisced on the event.

T.J. made it obvious that his band’s win was a highly personal accomplishment as the Brothers Osborne ascended the stage to claim their trophy.

Tj osborne dating a male as his partner..

T.J. Osborne of the Brothers Osborne has said publicly that he is gay.

T.J. Osborne, who declared his sexual orientation for the first time in February, kissed his lover Abi Ventura as the win was announced, while his brother kissed his wife, Lucie Silvas.

T.J. Osborne remarked, “Every time we’ve won this award, it’s never, ever stopped to be incredibly shocking.”

We haven’t seen a more adorable celebrity pair in a long time!

Who Is Tj Osborne's Boyfriend?

“It’s been a tremendous roller coaster of a ride,” she says.

We’re not sure what it is, but there’s clearly something romantic and queer in the air this time of year, and we need some for ourselves!

Regrettably, his name is only known in relation to what we know about him.

TJ’s full name is Abiezer Ventura, according to a quick search of his Instagram followers, but his profile is private.

Abi doesn’t have all the trappings of being the focus of attention, and he only has 1,600 followers on stage.

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TJ is from Deale, Maryland, so Abi, who is expected to be in his mid-30s, could also be from there.

TJ Osborne and his beau Abi Ventura had a nice second at the CMA Awards the night before.

He wants to keep this connection out of the spotlight for a while.

He then expressed gratitude to everyone, especially the voters. For Grammy Awards

“In so many respects, it’s been a crazy roller coaster of a year for us, especially emotionally,” Osborne said. “And with your help, I truly believe that love will triumph tonight. Thank you very much.”

He told the gathering, “I never believed I’d be able to play music professionally because of my sexuality.” “I never imagined I’d be standing on this platform accepting a Grammy after doing something I thought would change my life forever, and possibly in a terrible way.”

Osborne took home the trophy for best vocal duo of 2021 with his brother John, with whom he forms the popular country duo Brothers Osborne, and before heading on stage to accept the award, Osborne gave a sweet and very public display of affection to Ventura, marking the first time a same-sex kiss was broadcast during the annual awards show!

Who Is Tj Osborne's Boyfriend?

Before wrapping off his words, he gave a shout-out to boyfriend Abi Ventura.

“Not only am I accepting this Grammy Award with my brother, whom I adore, but I’m also here with a man whom I adore and who adores me back,” he remarked. “I’m not sure what I did to be so fortunate.”

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T.J., a Maryland native, publicly acknowledged his sexuality in a Time magazine article in February 2021. He said he felt he owed it to his followers to live freely as his genuine self, even though he’d been out to friends and family for years.

He added at the time, “I’d been kind of living with these small concerns all day every day for years.”