Despite filming practically every face of her life (the number of times we’ve seen her on the toilet is insane), Emma Chamberlain has always kept her personal life private. However, a rumour has circulated that Emma Chamberlain is dating Tucker Pillsbury, AKA Role Model, a 24-year-old music artist. So, here’s a quick synopsis of who Tucker Pillsbury is and what you should know about him.

They Have Been Friends For At Least Two Years

Olivia Rouyre’s polaroid film account posted a shot of the two together in June of 2020. Although they haven’t been dating since then, Emma claimed in a podcast with Call Her Daddy that her longest relationship lasted a year and ten months, but she didn’t say whether that was her current relationship.

“Being best friends with your significant other is the best f–king thing ever,” she admitted on the same show. Tucker, who holds a weekly Instagram Live dubbed “The Coffee Run with Role Model,” seems to share Emma’s passion for coffee.

Tucker Met Her On Instagram And They Became Friends

Tucker said in a recent interview with GQ that he messaged his current girlfriend on Instagram, where he has roughly 700k followers. “I knew I loved her because of small things she did, like the way she blinks and spits,” he told GQ. It’s the tiniest of details! I had the impression that I knew her. She made me think about myself.”

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When he commented on a photo, Emma’s fans figured out they were dating since “her parents were following me,” he said. When I first met her, I had no idea about her videos. I originally discovered her on TikTok. I’ve seen every single one of her videos since we started dating.”

At The Vanity Fair Oscars Party, The Two Were Seen Together

The two formally took the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair Oscars party after being sighted at multiple Halloween parties and dinner outings together last year. While they didn’t kiss or go out as a couple, this could be termed their public’soft launch.’ In a nutshell, we’re all a little bit infatuated.

At The Vanity Fair Oscars Party, The Two Were Seen Together

Who Is Tucker Pillsbury?

Tucker Pillsbury is a successful 24-year-old music artist who goes by the stage name Role Model. He rose to fame in 2017 after releasing his EP, Arizona in the Summer, which earned him a Grammy nomination. Following the release of the EP, rapper Mac Miller invited Role Model to Los Angeles so that the two may collaborate on a project. Last month, he released his new album Rx and debuted the music video for his single neverletyougo, which you can watch here. Emma’s fans are certain that the song is about her and that she appears in the video, and I have to admit that she does look a lot like her in the video.

Role Model sings “respectfully, think about you sexually,” and Emma’s followers were particularly taken with this line from the song “respectfully, think about you sexually.” What does a respectful boyfriend look like? It’s something we really enjoy seeing.

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Tucker is presently on tour with Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and The Weeknd, and will be performing at Coachella. Emma is also at Coachella, and she has published images of herself onboard a tour bus on her Instagram account, which is a coincidence.

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