Who Is Victoria Baker Harber's Boyfriend?

Victoria Baker-Harber has pledged to support her ex-fiancé Inigo Philbrick, the father of her newborn child, who is facing a 20-year prison sentence for multi-million-pound art fraud.

Victoria recently returned to the Channel 4 program to discuss her ex-controversy, her husband’s claiming that she has only seen him once since he was imprisoned – during which time he was shackled – but that she will support him for the sake of their daughter Gaia Grace.

Inigo pled ‘guilty’ to the charges and said he “did it for the money” in a New York court in November 2021, and faces up to twenty years in prison when sentenced later this week. for seven years in prison for fraud.

Philbrick had already pleaded guilty to $86 million in wire fraud. He was busted for defrauding art buyers by transferring 100% ownership in artwork to many investors, selling pieces of art as collateral for loans without the owners’ consent, and fabricating documentation to “inflate the value of artworks.”

Philbrick appeared in court Monday, clad in drab prison garb, and apologized for his “outrageous and unforgivable” behavior and “disastrous and destructive activities.”

Victoria revealed her relationship with Inigo for the first time in the new series of Made in Chelsea (series 23), calling him “the kindest person ever” and saying she had “just seen him once” and he has “never met his kid.”

She said, “He’s behind bars, awaiting sentencing. It’s all about financial white-collar crime, yet he’s being imprisoned in a high-security facility.

Who Is Victoria Baker Harber's Boyfriend?

“It’s good; I don’t cry over it anymore, but I owe it to her to give it my all. He was the sweetest person I’d ever met; he would do anything for me and never fight with me. He wouldn’t let me down, he brought out the best in me, he was so loyal and amusing.”

Victoria also mentioned that he is “worth waiting for,” implying that she will wait for him to “eventually bring her little family together.”

“I don’t think I’m actually single,” she continued, “it’s complicated.”

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What is Victoria Baker-Harber’s daughter called?

Victoria shared that she had named her child Gaia Grace. Victoria wrote on Instagram beside a photo of herself holding the child in her arms, “Gaia-Grace, welcome to the world. The date is November 1st, 2020. I couldn’t be more grateful for this greatest blessing.”

Why did Victoria Baker-Harber keep her pregnancy a secret?

Victoria explained why she didn’t declare she was pregnant in an interview shortly after giving birth. She told the magazine Hello!, “Because it’s a personal matter, I opted to keep my pregnancy a secret. To begin with, I informed my parents and closest friends.”

Who is the father of Victoria Baker-Harber’s daughter?

Victoria’s first child with her fiancé Inigo, a gallery owner and art dealer who was arrested by the FBI in the Republic of Vanuatu, off the coast of Australia, in July 2020 during Victoria’s second trimester and charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft after eluding police for eight months.

He was accused of defrauding art dealers out of more than $20 million (£15 million) by selling the same artwork to collectors and dealers at inflated rates. Victoria’s family offered up land in the Bahamas as collateral for his release, but the offer (worth an estimated $2 million) was turned down.

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Inigo’s assets were estimated to be worth $70 million (£52 million) after his incarceration. After pleading ‘guilty’ in November 2021, he could face up to 20 years in jail at his sentencing.