The second season of You was released on Netflix on December 26, 2019, over two years ago. Netflix revealed last week that Season 3 is soon arriving, after an extremely long wait. Season 3 of You will premiere on October 15 with ten all-new episodes. We know it’s been a while since we broke out in a cold sweat waiting for Joe (Penn Badgley) to claim his next victim, so here’s a quick review of Season 2 and that devastating narrative twist.

Number of people killed: 7 (and shockingly, only 3 of whom were at the hands of Joe)

YOU S2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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There isn’t much time left until October 15, so don’t delay. Everyone who died in Season 2 of You is listed below.

Joe’s Father’s Name (Flashback)

In Season 2, we delved more into Joe’s background, particularly his mother’s (Magda Apanowicz) and father’s tumultuous relationship. Joe’s father assaulted him and his mother physically and mentally, and Joe’s mother frequently neglected him and left him alone while she sought the companionship of other men. In Season 2, we see Joe commit his first murder, killing his father to protect his mother.

Au-Pair Love and Forty’s (Flashback)

Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), is the “completely flawed girl” who threw the storyline into a tailspin. Joe’s new love interest demonstrated that her symbiotic bond with her twin brother Forty (James Scully) had no limitations. She explains that she and Forty had an au-pair from Spain named Sofia (Brooke Johnson) who had a sexual connection with Forty when they were younger.

Forty thought he and Sofia were in love, but Love saw something Forty couldn’t: Forty was a juvenile who had been sexually molested. Love cut the au-neck pair’s in a terrible, violent act of protection, according to the story. She reasoned that it would be better if her parents believed Forty murdered the au-pair, so she fabricated the murder in a blackout rage. After that, the prominent Quinn family pretended it was a suicide.


Joe suddenly finds himself in a precarious situation after stealing the identity of the genuine Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor) and locking him in his cage. Will discovers that he owes a large sum of money to his customer Jasper (Steven W. Bailey). Joe meets with Jasper with the intention of paying him back, but Will owes Jasper a stunning 50,000 dollars. Jasper amputates Joe’s finger and threatens to murder him if the money isn’t paid.

Joe ultimately pulls Jasper inside the cage and informs him that he is not Will Bettelheim. Jasper is unconcerned if he won’t collect his $50,000, so he pulls out his pocket knife to murder Joe, who is stabbed and killed with a knife from his workbench. Later, he dismembers Jasper’s body, grinds it in a meat grinder, and throws it away in the garbage. Isn’t Joe just like that?

Henderson, sometimes known as “Hendy,” is a fictional character.

In Season 2, Joe’s second victim is Henderson (Chris D’Elia), a popular “man of the people” comic with a dark past of child abuse. Joe believes it is his responsibility to safeguard Ellie (Jenna Marie Ortega), Delilah’s (15-year-old) sister and Hendy’s intern. Joe is able to drug and restrain Henderson in his basement, forcing him to confess to his misdeeds. After Henderson breaks free from his bonds and attempts to flee, Joe pursues him down and pushes him against a wall in an attempt to stop him from fleeing, but Hendy is killed in the process. Joe makes it appear to be a suicide, but it doesn’t take long for it to be examined as a murder.


Joe finds Delilah dead in his cage in a pool of her own blood after he locks her in after she discovers his hidden existence as a cold-blooded murderer in one of the most heartbreaking murders in both Seasons 1 and 2 of You. After Forty covertly sneaks LSD into his drink, Joe feels he is the one who murdered Delilah during a foggy drug-infused night. In a surprising twist, he discovers that Love was the one who murdered Delilah. Love discovered the keys to Joe’s cage and, upon discovering Delilah imprisoned, slit her throat to protect Joe.


After Candace (Ambyr Childers) phones Love to see what Joe (she guesses) has done to Delilah, Love slices Candace’s neck, murdering her in what appears to be a hallmark act, which Love defends as doing whatever it takes to protect people she loves. It’s a horrible finish for Candace, who was buried alive by Joe, as we learned in Season 2. It turns out that having Candace contact the cops instead of Love after she locked Joe in the cage would have been a lot better.


Forty begins to piece together the truth about Joe in the Season 2 finale. Forty had previously discovered and accepted that Joe has assumed a phony identity, but once he is confident that Joe is a killer, he rushes to tell Love. Of course, Forty is unaware that Love already knows everything there is to know about Joe’s homicidal secrets and is hatching a scheme with Joe to appease Forty and persuade him that his fears of Joe are unfounded.

Forty holds a pistol to Joe’s head in the last fight at Anavrin. When Delilah’s long-time hook-up LAPD officer David Fincher (Danny Vasquez) comes in and shoots Forty, Joe shuts his eyes and appears to accept his destiny. Fincher begins to suspect Forty of Henderson’s murder when he dies, a sad and false legacy the unstable Quinn brother would now leave behind.

Season 2’s Finale

We should have suspected something was up with Love when she took the time to cook Joe a whole pan of cinnamon buns with salt instead of sugar simply to prove a point.

Joe has finally found his equal, as shown in the Season 2 conclusion. Love killed Delilah, Joe’s neighbor, and temporary love interest who discovered Joe’s violent background, in a surprising narrative twist. Joe is eager to let Delilah out of his prison and show himself that he is not the serial killer he has been in the past. He understands that Delilah does not deserve to die and that if he murders Delilah, Ellie would be left alone. Joe has a soft heart for defending youngsters, as he demonstrated with Paco in Season 1. This is likely owing to the darkness of his own childhood.

Joe assures Delilah that he will let her out after he has made arrangements to leave the city as soon as possible. He sets a timer on the pair of shackles he uses on Delilah so that she will be released once he is long gone from LA. Unfortunately, when he is making preparations, he is interrupted by Forty, who requests his assistance with the script they are working on. Joe is unable to piece together the events of the night after Forty drugs him in an attempt to access their inner creative genius and finish the script for his film version of Beck’s (Elizabeth Lail) novel. Delilah is found dead in his cage, her neck cut, much to his dismay. Naturally, he believes he was the one who killed her.

She returns to Joe and informs him that Candace has been dealt with. Joe is shocked, and he thinks he’s broken her. Love informs him, much to his surprise and horror, that she was the one who killed Delilah and that she knows all there is to know about Joe’s background thanks to her family’s private investigator. Joe’s acts are not only forgiven but they are also defended by her.

Joe was justified in his violent activities, according to Love, since he, like her, was forced to do awful things while learning how to survive when they were both very young. Then she reveals that she was the one who murdered Forty’s au-pair after sexually abusing him. She asserts that she and Joe are identical. They’re a perfect match.

Joe, speechless, speaks for us all: “What are you talking about? What. The. Fuck?”

Joe persuades Love to let him out of the cage in the end. He attempts to slit her neck with Delilah’s shattered shackles as soon as she does. Love then reveals one more bombshell: she’s expecting his child. Joe realizes he can’t murder her after being startled by the discovery. He accepts the fact that he will spend the rest of his life with Love in order to be the father he never had, despite the fact that his picture of Love has been utterly wrecked.

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The camera then cuts to the future, when Joe and Love have relocated to the California suburbs. Joe gives his final monologue of the season when Love is considerably farther advanced in her pregnancy. Joe is excited to see his child, despite the fact that he claims he was content to live in a cage he created for himself. That is until he discovered how fate works in odd ways. All of his tragic experiences have led him to the ideal location to meet… “you,” the mysterious woman on the other side of the fence.