Destiny 2 Season of the Risen Artifact - All You Should Know!

With The Witch Queen DLC, Destiny 2’s newest chapter has arrived. Season of the Risen has begun, along with the widely anticipated entrance of Savathun as the game’s nemesis.
Season of the Risen, which introduces a new season pass, events, and missions to accomplish, is a significant undertaking for Guardians to complete over the following three months.

A shiny item always comes with the start of a new season. If you’re unfamiliar with Destiny 2, the artefact is a tool that, after grinding and collecting XP, rewards you with modifications that you can use to improve stats, develop builds, and, most importantly, defeat Champions.

Furthermore, upgrading the artefact adds extra Power to your current gear’s base attributes, making it an excellent method to keep developing beyond the hard cap.

How To Unlock The Seasonal Artifact For Season Of The Risen

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Previously, gamers had to be cautious when choosing which modifications to unlock because there were only so many available. Starting in Season 16, you’ll be able to unlock all of them, making the grind more about efficiency than just getting the greatest ones.

Now that we’ve gone on long enough, let’s look at the Season 16 artefact modifications.

Season of the Risen modifications for Destiny 2

The Synaptic Spear is the artefact this time. The Spear, like Ghaul’s cage during The Red War, is a Light-suppressing object in lore. It’ll come in help while fighting with Savathun’s Light-induced Hive army, the Lucent Brood.

Enough with the backstory; here are all of the modifications accessible through the Season of the Risen artefact.

Suppressive Darkness – When you suppress a fighter, you weaken them for a brief period, forcing them to suffer more damage.

Energy Vampirism – When you suppress a target, you gain energy for your least-charged ability.

Picking up a Void elemental well offers you Volatile rounds for your Void weapons.

Casting your Void Super while critically injured or benefiting from Devour boosts the damage you deal with that Super.

Destiny 2 Players to Wield Seasonal Artifact in The Witch Queen

Suppression Mastery – The length of the suppression effects you generate has been boosted.

Unshielded opponents are stunned by solar melee skills. Strong versus the Unstoppable Champions of [Stagger].

Overload Grenades – Void grenades shock fighters, slowing their ability energy regeneration and reducing their damage output. Strong against Champions of [Disruption] Overload.

Glaive Suppression – Suppressing fighters with your Glaive prevents them from using abilities for a limited period.

Lucent Finisher – Using your finisher to defeat a Lucent Hive Lightbearer or Champion creates Heavy ammunition for you and your teammates.

Unstoppable Glaive – The glaives you wield launch a strong explosive payload that stuns opponents who aren’t protected.

Increases the length of the Land Tank Origin Trait and the impact of the Häkke Breach Armaments Origin Trait with Psionic Forging II.

Destiny 2 Season of the Risen Artifact - All mods | GINX Esports TV

Picking up an elemental well with the same energy type as your subclass offers a brief increase to weapon damage of that same elemental type.

Auto Rifle Loader – Speeds up the reloading of Auto Rifles.

Thermoshock Plating – Reduces fighters’ incoming Arc damage.
Glaive Scavenger – Glaives who scavenge up ammunition used by that Glaive gain bonus reserves.

Target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sights speed for Hand Cannons have been improved.

Melee Wellmaker – Powered melee combatants’ last strikes produce elemental wells of the same energy type as your subclass.

Psionic Forging I – Extends the Psychohack Origin Trait’s duration and the Suros Synergy Origin Trait’s influence.

Rocket Launcher Scavenger – When picking up Heavy ammunition, Rocket Launchers get extra reserves.

Glaive Dexterity – Glaives have a faster ready and stow speed.

Unstoppable Pulse Rifle – Aiming down the sights of a Pulse Rifle fires a high-impact burst that stuns unprotected adversaries.

Piercing Bowstring – Bows now have shield-piercing arrows that can get through enemy defences. Strong versus Barrier Champions with [Shield-Piercing] Shields.

Unstoppable Hand Cannon – Aiming down sights with any Hand Cannon packs a tremendous explosive payload that stuns unprotected adversaries. Strong versus the Unstoppable Champions of [Stagger].

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Overload Rounds – Bullets fired continuously from your equipped Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns shock fighters, slowing ability energy regeneration and reducing combatant damage output. Strong against Champions of [Disruption] Overload.

Scout Rifles are equipped with shield-piercing bullets, allowing you to shock [Shield-Piercing] Barrier Champions. Against [Shield-Piercing] Barrier Champions, Scout Rifles do extra damage.