video editing software
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Initially, the idea was that video editing software is for professionals because those are pretty difficult to use and confusing as well. That’s not the case anymore. While there are tones of software and apps that the professionals use for the fine detailing, now several companies have also launched easy-to-use video editing software that even the amateurs can use to find their way around.

One of the biggest tech companies in the world, Google already provides such features with its Google Photos app. However, the search giant is now gearing up to launch a new and upgraded video editing software inside the Google Photos app.

Android Police reported that the this new updated version will make things easier for the users, who are familiar with the previous movie editor.

video editing software
Credit: Google Photos

The changes in the new video editing software are quite visible. Google‘s new app features a clearer view of the timeline of the different clips that one has incorporated and also how much of each of the clips are there in the final edit.

Users will also find it easier to make adjustments for the clips with the update, which on a mobile phone screen is quite a challenging task because of the smaller screen. As of now, it is not clear as to what are the regions, where the updated video editing software has been rolled out in. However, it is expected that the app will soon reach all the users worldwide.


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