Hassan Jameel Net Worth 2022: Biography, and Personal Life

Hassan Jameel is Hassan’s father’s company, Abdul Latif Jameel, has exclusive rights to Toyota car sales in Saudi Arabia and seven other countries, according to his net worth. He has become a public face for the company, which is one of the world’s largest and has been photographed with British aristocracy, including Prince Andrew. Rihanna, a pop singer, is dating the dashing businessman. He has a $2.2 billion net worth.

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What is Hassan Jameel’s Net Worth?

While the family’s income is based on their ownership of Toyota’s Saudi Arabian distribution rights, the Jameel family is also thought to run a football league known as the Jameel league.

Hassan Jameel, 29, is a member of Saudi Arabia’s ultra-rich Jameel family. According to Forbes Middle East, they were the fourth richest family in the Arab world in 2018, with a combined net worth of $2.2 billion (£1.6 billion).

Rihanna’s net worth isn’t nearly as high as that, but it’s still staggering at $245 million (£177 million).

What is Hassan Jameel’s Age, Height, and Weight?

Веіng bоrn оn 22 Осtоbеr 1988, Наssаn Јаmееl’іs 33 уеаrѕ оld аѕ оf tоdау’ѕ dаtе 1ѕt Fеbruаrу 2022, аnd hіѕ wеіght іѕ 72 kg.

Some websites reported different figures for Jameel Hassan’s height, but according to reliable sources, he is 6 feet 0 inches tall (182cm). According to studies, the Lebanese have the tallest men in the Arab world, with an average male height of 176cm.

Saudi Arabians come in second, with an average height of 174cm. Further, a 2019 study on male beauty conducted by IPSOS, a multinational market research firm, revealed that over 41 percent of Saudi Arabian women prefer their men to be between 5 feet 10 inches (178cm) and 6 feet 1 inch tall (185cm).

Hassan Jameel Net Worth 2022 Biography, and Personal Life

Hassan Jameel Biography

Hassan Jameel, a successful Saudi Arabian businessman, rose to prominence in late 2016 after it was revealed that he and Rihanna are dating. He is the vice-chairman and heir of one of Saudi Arabia’s most successful companies, Abdul Latif Jameel, and has interests in a variety of industries, including automobiles and real estate.

Unfortunately, information about his exact birth date and location remains unknown in the media; however, some sources claim he was born in Riyadh in 1987.

Meet Rihanna's Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend, Saudi Businessman Hassan Jameel

Born to wealthy parents, the owners of the Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic company, he was taught business from an early age, which only helped him achieve his goal of becoming an heir to a successful company. Since its inception in 1955, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest.

Hassan’s wealth grew as a result of the company’s success, and as he grew older, he took over the firm’s management duties. The Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic Company owns the rights to sell Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia and recently celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary.

Apart from the company, Hassan owns the entire Saudi Premier League, which is known as the Abdul Latif Jameel League. This also added to Hassan’s wealth.

However, this successful businessman remained unknown until 2016, when everything changed when he began dating music superstar Rihanna. Prior to her, Hassan was seen with another celebrity, Naomi Campbell, but their relationship did not last long. He and Rihanna had been dating for over a year as of late 2017, and according to the most recent rumors, the couple is engaged, and Rihanna is moving in with him. She had left her Manhattan apartment.

Hassan is also known for his philanthropic activities; his Community Jameel charitable organization has funded job creation, education, culture, arts, and other areas in the Middle East that require financial assistance.

Relationships, Dating, and Girlfriend

Hassan Jameel Net Worth 2022 Biography, and Personal Life

Jameel rose to prominence after dating singer Rihanna. They began dating in 2017. They’ve been spotted together in a variety of settings. Despite this, they preferred to keep their relationship private.

Jameel regained media attention after the couple divorced in 2020. He previously dated Naomi Campbell before Rihanna. In 2016, Jameel was spotted canoodling with Campbell. Naomi is a model and actress from the United Kingdom.

Wife, Parents, and Siblings

Hassan is the son of billionaire Mohammed Abdul Latif, who is the owner of their family business conglomerate. We don’t know anything about his mother. Hassan had a wife named Lina Lazaar. Lazaar is a Tunisian critic of art. They later divorced.