Know Actor RJ Mitte's Net Worth and More!

RJ Mitte Net Worth – $3 Million

RJ Mitte is a $3 million-dollar-rich American actor. He has minor cerebral palsy and sought out opportunities that would allow him to educate others about the condition. On the multi-award-winning series “Breaking Bad,” he was cast as Walter White, Jr. He portrayed the character from 2008 to 2013, when the programme ended. He has also acted in the films “Stump,” “Wildflowers,” and “The House of Last Things,” in addition to his role on “Breaking Bad.” “Vanished: The Tara Calico Story,” a documentary, was also produced by him.

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Early Life

Mitte is a Mississippi native who was born on August 21, 1992. He was born through emergency caesarean section, and he was not breathing at the moment of his delivery. There was lifelong brain damage as a result of this. Roy Frank Mitte Jr. and Dyna Mitte adopted him after his biological parents put him up for adoption a few weeks after his birth.

Mitt was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy at the age of three. In order to try to straighten his feet, he had to wear casts on his legs for six months. Mitte had to go about with leg braces or crutches for the most of his life. However, through his efforts in sports and fitness, he grew stronger as he grew older. He no longer required any walking help gadgets by the time he was a teenager.

Mitte was mostly reared by his mother after his parents divorced. He was financially responsible for his family, which included his younger sister, by the time he was 13 years old. Acting was something he and his sister both wanted to do. After his sister was offered a part in film production in 2006, the family relocated to Los Angeles.


Mitte got his start as an extra on shows like “Hannah Montana.” He chose to take acting classes and began working with Addison Witt, a talent management. Mitte was cast as Walter White Jr. in the AMC series “Breaking Bad” in 2008, thanks to Witt’s assistance. Cerebral palsy also affects the character. He was credited as participating in 53 episodes throughout his time on the show, which lasted until 2013.

Mitte appeared in the short horror film “Stump” in 2011 while still working on “Breaking Bad.” He was the executive producer of “Vanished,” a documentary on Tara Calico’s disappearance. He was cast in the suspense film “House of Last Things” the following year, which was released in 2013.

Mitte has continued to work in television and movies in the years since the end of “Breaking Bad.” He has a nine-episode recurring role in “Switched at Birth.” He’s also been on “Robot Chicken,” “Chance,” “This Close,” and “now Apocalypse,” among other episodes. “Dixieland,” “Who’s Driving Doug,” “The Recall,” “Time Share,” “Rivers Run Red,” and “The Oak Room” are among his cinematic credits. He’s also starred in music videos for 2 Doors Down, Hollywood Undead, and Nothing But Thieves, among others.

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He worked as a presenter for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom for the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Mitte is still active in the political arena. He is a celebrity spokesperson for United Cerebral Palsy and was featured on the cover of the 2015 edition of “Neurology Now.” He’s also a model, having starred in a Gap ad in 2014. In 2015, he also walked for Vivienne Westwood on the runway.