Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, a former professional football executive from Switzerland, has a $40 million net worth. His term as FIFA President from 1998 to 2015, which was marked by a corruption scandal and a six-year suspension from FIFA, is what made him most famous. Blatter began his career in public relations and marketing before being elected general secretary of FIFA in 1981. Sepp considerably improved the FIFA World Cup’s financial performance when he served as president.

Blatter is suspected of having committed crimes like bribery and money laundering. Sepp was also charged for making the FIFA World Cup bidding process an unfair method. Many countries were keen to win the bid by whatever means possible because of the enormous amount of money that nations can make by hosting the World Cup. Allegedly realizing this desperation, Blatter allegedly turned the entire bidding process into a crooked farce.

Sepp Blatter's Net Worth?

Sepp Blatter earned $6 million years at the height of his tenure at FIFA. He was also able to receive hefty bonuses. For instance, it has been alleged that he received a $12 million bonus following the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Additionally, he was given permission to reside in a lavish Zurich apartment at FIFA’s cost.

Early Life

On March 10, 1936, Josef Blatter was born in Visp, Valais, Switzerland. Blatter entered the University of Lausanne after completing his studies in the little town of Saint Maurice. Sepp studied economics and business at the university level, graduating with degrees in both fields before starting a career in business.

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Blatter began his career in a variety of commercial positions, despite the fact that he would later rise to prominence as one of the world’s most significant sports figures. Sepp gained experience in a variety of industries at this early stage, including public relations, tourism, and more. Ice hockey was his first introduction to the world of sports, not soccer.

He once served as the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation’s general secretary. Additionally, he spent his early career working for Swiss luxury watchmaker Longines SA as Director of Sports Timing and Relations. He also contributed to the planning of the Olympic Games in 1972 and 1976.

Sepp Blatter's Net Worth?

Sepp joined FIFA in 1975 and served as the organization’s technical director for six years. He rose through the ranks and was appointed general secretary in 1981. Blatter was chosen to lead FIFA for the first time 17 years later. From that moment forward, Sepp practically had no competition for the FIFA presidency. Despite this, he wasn’t always well-liked within the organization, and at the end of his term, he had only received the support of a very small number of FIFA members.

In actuality, Blatter’s presidency was contentious from the start. Sepp’s victory was allegedly the result of corruption, backroom deals, and financial irregularities in 1998. Later, two prominent FIFA officials alleged they had received a $100,000 bribe to support Blatter.

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Blatter ran for the position of FIFA for the fourth time in 2011. The FIFA ethics committee was looking into Sepp at the time over bribery claims. Blatter ran unopposed in 2011 and clearly won after a number of other possible nominees withdrew from consideration. He received instant criticism for not postponing the vote so that additional contenders might enter the race. Blatter responded by saying he wouldn’t seek reelection for a fifth time.

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