Tom Selleck's Net Worth

Tom Selleck is an actor and producer from the United States with a net worth of $45 million. Tom Selleck is a well-known Hollywood actor who has been in a number of television shows and films. Although his career spans numerous decades, he is likely best remembered for his early roles in the 1980s. He first appeared on the television show Blue Bloods in 2010. He is paid $200,000 per episode of Blue Bloods, totaling roughly $5 million per season.

Early Life

Thomas William Selleck was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 29th, 1945. Tom’s family moved to Sherman Oaks, California, about halfway through his boyhood. Tom grew up with three brothers and sisters and graduated from high school in 1962. He lived with his parents while attending Los Angeles Valley College before winning a basketball scholarship to the University of Southern California.

He majored in Business Administration while there, but changed his mind after a teacher urged him to attempt acting. Selleck had dropped out of high school to pursue a career in acting by his senior year. During this time, Selleck was also drafted into the United States military to fight in the Vietnam War. As a result, from 1967 to 1973, Selleck served in the California National Guard.


Commercial appearances marked Tom Selleck’s early career. After appearing in television commercials for Coca-Cola, Revlon’s Chaz Cologne, Dubonnet, Right Guard Deodorant, and Close-Up toothbrush, he became a household name. His most well-known television commercial was with Marlboro as “The Marlboro Man.” Selleck began to establish himself in television and movies as the years passed. Selleck broke through with a recurring role in The Rockford Files after landing modest roles. Tom Selleck played a cowboy in the 1979 film The Sacketts, which echoed his real-life outdoorsy personality.

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Tom Selleck earned the role that would make him famous in the hit television series Magnum P.I. in 1980. The show lasted eight seasons and was filmed in Hawaii. As a result of his work on the show, Tom Selleck received an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 1984. Magnum P.I. became a cultural phenomenon in the 1980s, and fans all around the world recognized Selleck’s trademark moustache, Hawaiian shirt, and Ferrari. Magnum P.I. remained the most popular syndicated repeat in history even after the show ended. Selleck found time to perform in movies like Runaway and Three Men and a Baby while he was on the show.

Personal Life

Tom Selleck's Net Worth - Everything We Know!

Tom Selleck was married to model Jacqueline Ray in 1971. Selleck adopted her kid after the marriage. The marriage eventually dissolved in 1982. Tom Selleck married Jillie Joan Mack in 1987. They welcomed a daughter into the world a year later.

Real estate

In 1993, Tom Selleck paid an undisclosed sum for a property in Hawaii. He and his wife and daughter resided in the house for many years before selling it in 2001 for $2.48 million. Selleck transformed the property in a variety of ways. After a long day of filming, he built a little movie theater inside the cottage for him and his Magnum P.I. co-stars to see the dailies. A concrete “safe chamber” with a bank vault door is located on the premises.

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Tom Selleck paid a little over $5 million for a property in Ventura, California in 1988. Selleck has revealed that he works on the ranch to “keep himself sane,” although the property has plenty of opulence. A heliport, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a golf course are all available (complete with a practice green, of course).

Selleck purchased an apartment in Los Angeles before purchasing his ranch. He collaborated with James Blakely III to transform a 1,800-square-foot condo into a rustic living space that resembles an Edwardian country villa – except it’s a condo.

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