5 Best Air Fryer Brands in India

Gone are those days when women in the kitchen used to sit on the gas stove, take a pan, pour the oil into the pan and wait for the oil to get ready for frying the food.

Things have completely changed after the arrival of the Air Fryer concept. 

Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance by which you can easily fry the food of your choice. It’s easy to handle and importantly, it’s healthier for cooking.

So, without a doubt, the Air Fryer is a mandatory one for Indian kitchens in 2023 and beyond to make the frying process healthier and easier.

If you want to purchase the best Air Fryer in 2023, in this blog post, I have listed the 5 best Air Fryer brands in India. The brands listed in the post are affordable and offer rich features.

Let’s get started with the list of best air fryer brands in India.

Best 5 Air Fryer Brands in India

  1. Borosil

One of the popular brands in India sells a wide range of kitchen appliances at affordable prices with no compromise on quality and features.

My Borosil has 4 different Air Fryer models available in the store in the name of ‘Best’ in different capacities. The Air Fryers under the My Borosil brand are as follows:

  • Best Air Fryer, 2.8 L
  • Best Digi Air Fryer, 4.7 L
  • Best 25L Air Fryer + Oven Toaster Griller
  • Best Digi Air Fryer, 6.1 L

The company does sell some affordable range of Air Fryers for residential purposes and also in bigger capacities for commercial purposes.

So, no matter whether you look to buy an Air Fryer either for your home or even bakery or restaurant kind of business, you can get one from My Borosil, one of India’s reputed kitchen appliances brands.

All the My Borosil brand Air Fryers come in multi-functionality options which means you can undergo cooking processes such as air-fry, grilling, baking, toasting, dehydrating, keeping warm and reheating as well. Majorly, the air fryers have the potential to cook foods using 90% less oil.

Pre-set menus are there in some of the My Borosil brand air fryers. So, you can easily set the menu and keep the ingredients in the fryer to get the perfect output. The menu includes chicken, fish, kebab, cookies, cake, toast, french fries, and more.

Overall, My Borosil brand Air Fryers are best-in-class quality air fryers and offer a huge set of features. You can buy one for just under 6000 INR.

Currently, there is a 20% OFF on MRP offer available on the online store for Air Fryers. Do visit, and grab your Borosil air fryers and cook healthy foods.

  1. Philips

Next to the Borosil, Philips has got second in my list of best Air Fryer brands in India. One of the oldest yet most popular brands Philips offers electronic kitchen appliances at the best quality.

At present, it seems there are 3 different air fryer models available in the Philips brand. Each has its own features. 

One of the major yet most noted features is that the cleaning process is made easier. As you can clean the whole air fryer in just under 90 seconds. So, obviously, the maintenance is easy and there is a twin turbostar technology that has been used in one of the Philips air fryers for fat removal while cooking.

There are retailers all over India that sell Philips air fryers offline. So, you can pay your visit to choose one from there if you want to get an Air Fryer in Philips brand.

  1. Kent

While Philips Air Fryers are somewhat above the 10,000 INR range, the same as the Borosil air fryer brand, Kent also offers an affordable range of Air Fryers. You can buy one from Kent for around 6,000 INR in India.

Often, you may see many advertisements on television and Youtube about Kent water purifiers. The brand is also selling Air Fryers as well.

Smart LED touch panel has been done in most of the Kent air fryer models which you can easily operate and pre-set menus are just a click away.

The air fryer brand has been honored with so many awards for its products, so, it’s trusted and you can rely on the brand when it comes to choosing the best Air Fryer brands in India.

  1. Prestige

Prestige sells a wide range of Air Fryers in the PAF series. The brand does have air fryers ranging from 4,000 INR up to 9000 INR with so many features and different capacities.

A digital display panel is available on the Prestige air fryer that shows both temperature control and timer. So, easily you can monitor what’s happening when you fry the stuff.

Most of the Prestige brand comes with 1-year warranty on all their air fryers. So, you can claim your warranty, in case any issues happened in the one-year period.

  1. Havells

One of the best air fryer brands in India that are vastly available anywhere to purchase. Yes, no matter what retailers you visit such as Croma, Reliance Digital, etc. in India, you can see Havells products there.

Even online, the brand air fryers are vastly available on different marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, and more. Apart, you can get Havells on their official website as well.

Talking about the price, the brand sells air fryers for more than 15,000 INR range. But, undoubtedly the features offered in the Havells air fryers are just up to the mark as they have used the latest technology.

If you have a budget range close to 20,000 INR, then you may go for Havells. For less budget, I would recommend going for either Borosil or Prestige.


There are even some other brands in India that sell air fryers. Still, the listed five are the best air fryer brands in India compared with other brands.

Depending on your budget and capacity required, you can choose one air fryer in India from the brands listed in the post. Also, remember which brand gives you better discounts and the highest warranty period while buying on any shopping sites