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The debate has been going on for ages – writing with pen and paper the good old way or typing letters onto a computer; which one is better? Although there is no doubt about the fact that the latter process is more resourceful in terms of convenience and speed, however; you can’t deny the charm of writing on paper. Also, a study has recently suggested that handwritten notes are far more effective than the digitally typed ones.

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Now, several tech firms, like Moleskine, have developed a way in-between typing and handwriting, which is pretty awesome; isn’t it? Here writers can write using a pen and paper and, at the very same time, they will be able to convert those handwritten documents into digital copies. However, these digitizers burn a huge hole in the customers’ pockets but now you have another option.

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The researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University might have discovered a more efficient and affordable way of digitizing handwritten notes. The experts at the university have developed a cost-effective and touch-sensitive way of digitizing handwritten documents. They have achieved this remarkable feat by using regular paper and applying the conductive material on its back. From there, it essentially allows the paper to interact with all kinds of procedures, such as by using a stylus pen, writing on the paper with a pen, or even jabbing at it with fingers.

In terms of the price tag of this product, according to the researchers, this new way of digitizing might just cost $0.30 per sheet. This is, definitely, not horribly expensive, however, the researchers have claimed that by producing it at a mass level, the cost may come further down.


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