DeVonta Smith Girlfriend: He Celebrates Touchdown In Honor Of Newborn Daughter

DeVonta Smith is a professional American football wide receiver currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League. He previously played college football at the University of Alabama, where he had a standout senior season in 2020, amassing more than 1,800 receiving yards and scoring 23 touchdowns. Fans have shown interest in DeVonta Smith’s personal life, particularly regarding his romantic relationships.

Speculation has been circulating about a potential relationship between DeVonta Smith and Mariah Abraham. However, details about Mariah and their relationship remain relatively obscure. DeVonta Smith’s relationship status has raised questions, so let’s dive into the details.

Recently, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Devonta Smith celebrated a recent touchdown with a “rock the baby” gesture, signifying the birth of his daughter, Kyse, born to him and his girlfriend, Mya. This article will explore DeVonta Smith’s romantic life, including details about his girlfriend and shed some light on Mariah Abraham.

Who Is Mariah Abraham? Is She Smith’s Girlfriend?

According to various sources, Mariah, DeVonta Smith’s rumored girlfriend, has established a strong rapport with his family, and they have a fondness for her. She has particularly bonded with Smith’s mother, and their relationship is reportedly harmonious. Fans who have been eager to learn more about Smith’s personal life are now anticipating official announcements about their relationship, and there have been speculations about a potential engagement.

DeVonta Smith Girlfriend: He Celebrates Touchdown In Honor Of Newborn Daughter

While rumors have circulated about the possibility of Smith and Mariah having a child, there is no concrete evidence or indications from Smith himself regarding parenthood. In order to delve further into their relationship, it’s essential to gather more details. However, there aren’t many details available about their relationship at this time. A few weeks ago, a photo of DeVonta kissing someone on the sidelines of the field circulated on the internet, but it has been confirmed that the person in the photo is not his girlfriend. Keep reading for more.

Inside Devonta And His Girlfriend’s Relationship

Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver, DeVonta Smith, has entered into a loving relationship with Mya Danielle, a Southern girl who graduated from Southern University A&M in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the Class of 2021. While the exact date of their relationship’s start remains unknown, the couple made their relationship public late last year when they were spotted courtside at a sporting event.

DeVonta Smith Girlfriend: He Celebrates Touchdown In Honor Of Newborn Daughter

In January 2023, Smith made a public appearance with his girlfriend, Mya Danielle Travis, confirming their relationship. The couple began dating in 2022. They shared on social media. The video showcases various aspects of their life together, including workouts at the gym, travel adventures, bowling, and relaxed moments in their personal space. The soundtrack for the video was “I Got a Thang for You” by Trina. Further evidence of their relationship is found in Mya’s TikTok videos, where Smith can be seen taking care of flowers in her “Get Ready With Me for a Date Night” video, indicating that they live together and even have a pet dog.

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Although the couple has attended multiple basketball games together, it wasn’t until photos of them kissing went viral on the internet that their relationship garnered significant attention. Interestingly, Smith has not posted any pictures with his girlfriend on his Instagram account. However, Mya Danielle Travis shared a photo with Smith on January 7, 2023, captioning it with a message that expressed her happiness about spending quality time together.

Philadelphia Eagles Star DeVonta Smith And Girlfriend Mya Welcomed The Recent Birth Of Daughter

The couple shared a joint post on Instagram, featuring a stylish photo. Their caption expressed their profound love for their unborn child and their excitement about becoming parents. While they didn’t specify the due date, the phrase “see you soon” hinted that the baby’s arrival was imminent, especially given Mya’s appearance suggesting she’s close to delivering in June 2023.

DeVonta Smith Girlfriend: He Celebrates Touchdown In Honor Of Newborn Daughter

Smith and Mya, both expressed their affection for each other on Instagram, with Danielle captioning a post, “Lately I been doing shit I love with the one I love 🤍.” Adding to the excitement, the couple is anticipating the arrival of a new addition to their family. They shared the joyful news on Instagram with a coordinated post, dressed in matching white two-piece outfits, where Danielle wore the top and Smith wore the pants.

Devonta Smith Celebrates Touchdown And Recent Fatherhood With ‘Rock The Baby’ Move

Smith had a similar number of targets and receptions as A.J. Brown, but he ended up with 32 fewer yards. However, he managed to compensate for this with a five-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter. Unfortunately, the rainy weather in Foxboro hampered the entire Philadelphia offense. Looking ahead to their Week 2 game against the Vikings, the Eagles are expected to have more offensive opportunities, which should benefit Smith and the other skill-position players.

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Recently, Devonta Smith celebrated a touchdown during the Eagles’ win over the New England Patriots, and his “rock the baby” celebration held a special meaning. It signified the birth of his daughter, Kyse, born to him and his girlfriend, Mya, the day before the game. Smith explained that Kyse’s delivery came a bit earlier than expected, but everything fell into place. He had a long night waiting at the hospital, but the excitement of becoming a father overwhelmed the fatigue. Despite the busy week, with the Eagles playing the Minnesota Vikings, Smith is eager to get back home to his family.