electric vehicles charging
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Along with the popularity of the EV, considering the environmental benefits, people had only one concern – will there be enough electric vehicles charging stations to charge the cars? Well, compared to what the situation was before, now finding an EV charging station across the streets have become much easier.

Yes, we agree that probably the electric vehicles charging stations are not as ubiquitous as the gas stations but we have to admit that it’s getting there. Now, many electric car owners will be glad to know that Target, the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, has declared that they will increase the number of EV charging stations further across their stores.

electric vehicles charging
Credit: Target
electric vehicles charging
Credit: Wikimedia

Target has already installed a number of electric vehicle-chargers at their stores across the country in different locations. Now, they have announced that they will expand the number of that. While currently, Target has EV charging stations at 18 sites in five states, the increased number of EV chargers will cater to the customers at over 100 sites in more than 20 states. However, this expansion will take place during the upcoming two years. So, don’t expect to see the chargers across the streets right away. “Accelerating our efforts to install new charging stations at Target stores across the country is one way we’re building on our commitment to investing in solutions that leave our communities better for future families. And it’s an opportunity to work with industry-leading partners to bring a more convenient shopping experience to guests as we look to design lower-carbon solutions throughout our entire operation,” stated the vice president of property management at Target, John Leisen.


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