Apple Music Lyrics And App Store Not Working – Experiencing Some Troubles

If you can check lyrics for songs on Apple Music, The Mamas & The Papas would sing, “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.” Apple Music is having some issues right now. Not only that, but the App Store is down this Monday, as 9to5Mac revealed earlier today that privacy labels in apps have disappeared.

You’re not alone if Apple Music and the App Store aren’t operating as they should right now. According to Apple’s status page, both services are experiencing difficulties that are affecting all customers.

The issues with Apple Music and the App Store come after an issue with Apple Pay on Sunday. Interac cardholders were unable to make purchases with Apple Pay for slightly over 40 minutes. They couldn’t add, suspend, or remove a card either.

Apple’s Twitter support page has also recognized the problems, stating that the company is working to restore services.

According to Apple’s System Status website, the company’s products are now experiencing two difficulties. Two of them have been confirmed by 9to5Mac: the app crashing and/or failing to display privacy labels for apps, while the other is a problem with Apple Music.

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Apple Music is missing lyric information, Dolby Atmos, and lossless audio from tracks where those features should be there, according to Reddit users, and some are unable to play music even if it has been downloaded to their local storage for offline listening. Some users reported that logging in and out fixed the lost lossless audio features but not the lyrics.

Since 8:41 a.m. PDT, Apple has recognized the problems, people experienced unreliable experiences with Apple Music and the App Store since far earlier.

Apple appears to be working on a fix for the App Store, as you can read more about it here.

Last month, Apple experienced a major outage that affected up to 26 services.

About Apple Music

Apple Music, like Spotify, is a subscription-based music streaming service with over 90 million songs.

It has a lot of features, like offline listening for when you’re not connected, and it collects all of your music in one place, even CD rips. Apple Music also includes live radio stations and Siri integration, allowing you to operate most things with your voice.

This section contains all of the information you need about Apple Music, including how much it costs, what it includes, and how to use it.

Apple Music Lyrics And App Store Not Working - Experiencing Some Troubles

Following Apple’s 2014 acquisition of Beats Electronics, which featured the now-defunct Beats Music subscription service, Apple Music was released in 2015.

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Apple Music allows you to not only stream any track from the iTunes catalog on demand, but also to access all of your music in one location across all of your devices, whether you bought it from iTunes, copied it from a CD, or downloaded it from the web.

Apple Music 1 (previously Beats 1) radio station, the ability to save music to your device for offline listening, expert-curated playlists, integration with the Siri assistant on iOS devices, and features like Lyrics view are all available through the streaming service.