New Snapchat Update 2022 - Report On The 'Snapchat Generation,' Providing Key Insight Into User Engagement

Snapchat has released its ‘Snapchat Generation’ study for 2022, which examines how Snapchatters use the platform to connect and how companies can better align their messaging around these important themes.

The 28-page Snapchat Generation research, which incorporates findings from over 19,000 Snapchat users across 16 markets, provides a valuable glimpse of what Snap users value most, which could be vital for your marketing strategy in the app.

The whole Snapchat Generation research can be downloaded here, but we’ll go through some of the highlights in this piece.

To begin, Snapchat investigates why individuals use the app, focusing on more intimate sharing among friends as the primary use case.

As you can see, Snapchat claims to be the most popular site for sharing experiences between friends, rather than posting on more public social media platforms.

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Snap has long been associated with younger audiences, but as its users grow older, the app is becoming a more vital connecting tool for individuals of all ages, not just those eager to meet up with friends out on the town.

More intimate sharing among more personal groups has now become Snapchat’s specialisation. Snap couldn’t compete on scale with Facebook and Instagram, so it narrowed its focus to more private contact, which has helped it find a better market fit and maintain growth.

For those trying to target audiences on the app, this is a critical factor to consider.

As Per Snap:

“Brands have to accept Snap-chatters for who they are and consider ways to embed themselves seamlessly into this generation’s everyday conversations. Remember — openness and transparency are key for this.”

New Snapchat Update 2022 - Report On The 'Snapchat Generation,' Providing Key Insight Into User Engagement

The social media platform Snapchat also gives insights into eCommerce, namely its developing role as a social shopping channel.

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The ability to share purchases with close friends may be of particular importance to users, and Snap has stated that augmented reality has become a crucial component in its shopping experiences.

There are other initiatives in development on this front, including Snap’s augmented reality-enabled Spectacles, and the company is also working on digital apparel for its Bitmoji avatars, which it hopes will allow it to leverage its eCommerce potential.

Snap may not be aiming to become a digital shopping mall in the same way that Pinterest has, but it obviously has particular value in this area as more users seek advice from their peers before making a purchase.

New Snapchat Update 2022 - Report On The 'Snapchat Generation,' Providing Key Insight Into User Engagement

There are several useful data points and important takeaways for brand planning in this report, and it’s worth reading the whole Snapchat Generation 2022 overview to get a better idea of where things are headed and how to interact with users in the app.

Perhaps it will alter your approach to Snap, or it will cause you to think more carefully about the potential of the tool in your process.