Mother's Day 2022 - History Of The Day And 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate

Mother is a person who undertakes the labor of twenty people for free—sounds about right, eh? We can almost all agree that all mother figures deserve more than one special celebration to honor their love and dedication. With all that mothers do, we should probably honor her every day! Mother’s Day, on the other hand, serves as a reminder to pause for a moment and focus solely on her. A day to prepare some special supper recipes for her and pamper her with the best Mother’s Day activities. It’s an opportunity to thank the lady who helped you become the person you are today.

Of course, in order to properly commemorate Mother’s Day, you must first understand when it is to be observed. After all, you can’t present Mother’s Day gifts or throw a Mother’s Day brunch party—even if it’s across the country—without first setting a date!

Mother’s Day is observed in the United States on the second Sunday in May each year, so the date varies from year to year. Although Mother’s Day is a commonly honored national holiday in the United States, it is not a government or official holiday.

History Of Mother’s Day

You’ll have to travel all the way back to 1864 to know the history of Mother’s day

Anna was a tenacious activist who is credited for “creating” Mother’s Day in an effort to commemorate her own mother, Ann Jarvis. Anna’s mother, Ann, had dedicated most of her life to raising awareness about the high newborn death rate. According to National Geographic, she began hosting clubs for other moms in the 1850s to teach them how to better care for their children and reduce the number of them.

Anna believed that a national “Mother’s Day” would be a lovely way to memorialize Ann’s great efforts when she died in 1905. According to the History Channel, she sponsored the first-ever Mother’s Day gathering in Grafton, West Virginia, on May 10, 1908, which was followed by a similar event in Philadelphia attended by “thousands of people.”

Mother's Day 2022 - History Of The Day And 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate

According to legend, President Woodrow Wilson’s cabinet learned of Anna’s efforts, and it was under his direction that Mother’s Day became a national holiday in 1914. It was also determined at the time that the celebration would take place every year on the second Sunday in May.

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Of fact, Mother’s Day as we know it today has little to do with Anna’s early efforts or her mother’s significant charitable activity. According to BuzzFeed, Anna dubbed the makers of such products “schemers” and “profiteers,” and allegedly told a Reader’s Digest reporter that she “was sorry she had ever founded Mother’s Day.”

However, it is still debatable if the Jarvis ladies originated the concept of Mother’s Day. As part of her antiwar efforts, Julia Ward Howe, the author of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” advocated a “Mothers’ Peace Day” in 1872.

But, apart from flowers, greeting cards, and competing historical narratives, there’s something indisputably beautiful about dedicating an entire day to honoring the lady who gave birth to you. No matter how much commercialization surrounds the festival, its heart remains special. That is a proven fact.

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Here are some unique ways to reach out to mom and show her that you care. Mothers, after all, are always there for us.

1. Make a brunch date with Mom or cook for her.

Mother's Day 2022 - History Of The Day And 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate
  • Breakfast in bed is a timeless favorite that is always appreciated! Simple foods like toast or a croissant with jam or fruit and a cup of coffee or tea will suffice. If she doesn’t like dining in bed, prepare a sit-down breakfast instead. Here are 15 mouthwatering brunch ideas.
  • How about a virtual brunch date with mom if you can’t be with her in person? These Champagne Mimosas are a great choice. If she lives nearby, you can drop over the ingredients at her door, or send the recipe to everyone ahead of time! Then, raise a glass to mom with the entire family!
  • Drop off a casserole meal if your mother lives nearby. It’s delicious comfort food that you can throw together and leave on her porch! Check out these 15 casserole recipe ideas.
  • Bake a cake instead! For Mother’s Day in England, children have traditionally baked a cake. If you enjoy this tradition, try Chocolate Mousse Cake, a very wonderful (and better-than-boxed) cake recipe. Nana’s Funny Cake is another favorite of ours.

2. Take a stroll across the park or pack a picnic with Mom.

  • The soul is always lifted by fresh air. Spring is a wonderful time to go to a park and see all of the beautiful spring flowers.
  • Consider bringing a basic picnic. If your mother lives close, leave a picnic basket on her porch! Pack a cooler for a scenic trip through the countryside if you live together. Here are some delicious picnic food options.

3. Create your own greeting card.

  • Send a card ahead of time! Every year, we make a handmade card in our house as a tradition. Homemade delights moms! Homemade Note Cards can be made in a variety of ways.
  • Are you stumped as to what to put on the card? Why don’t you share a hilarious story about you and your mother or a good recollection from your childhood? She’ll be happy!

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4. Sit side by side and watch a movie or show.

  • If you’re all together at home, watch a movie that night, full with concessions.
  • Watch the same movie on your computers at the same time if you’re in different places. Alternatively, start a marathon of your favorite TV show while sipping a glass of wine or sipping a cup of tea.
Mother's Day 2022 - History Of The Day And 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate

5. Provide lawn and garden maintenance.

  • Give your Mom a “gift certificate” for your family’s yard and garden services if you live close by. Laying down mulch will assist her. Place the “certificate” in a flower pot with summer-flowering bulbs that were sown in the spring.
  • If you’re not in the area, how about a Garden Planner subscription from The Old Farmer’s Almanac? It would appeal to any gardener. And there’s no need to wait for delivery!

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