The first three-monthly “enforcement report” of the popular video sharing platform Youtube showed that the website had deleted whopping 8.3 million videos between the timeframe of October and December 2017 as the videos didn’t comply with their community guidelines. This report doesn’t include those videos that it has struck off from its platform due to copyright or legal violations.

Youtube has been receiving significant flak from users and government’s alike for not being able to keep a check on the inappropriate videos that get uploaded to its platform. In recent months it has upped the ante and has brought more help on board to help the website with the moderation process.

The most flagged videos were those that were sexually explicit. The website’s users had flagged 9.1 million complaints to bring down the same, and the users flagged 4.7 million times that had hateful and abusive content for the same period. The bulk of the complaints were from India, US, and Brazil.

The website also stated that its in-house algorithms had sent off warning signals on 6.7 million videos, which were then checked by human moderators and got deleted. Out of this 6.7 million, 76% were only watched by the moderators, signifying that YouTube was able to contain objectionable content before it spread to the public. The website is also keeping data “fingerprint” of the videos it has deleted so that it can detect immediately if any footage it has removed is being uploaded by anybody else once again.

However, in this report, the website didn’t share how many objectionable videos were reported, or it had removed from the YouTube Kids section. The website, however, announced that it will now add a “reporting dashboard” to the user accounts so that they can see the action taken on videos they had flagged as objectionable and inappropriate for the platform.

According to the report, the top countries that flagged the most videos are as follows in chronological order, India, US, Brazil, Russia, Germany, UK, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.


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