Ricky Smiley’s Son Brandon Dies At 32: What Caused His Death

Rickey Smiley is an American radio host, TV host, producer, actor, and comedian. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on August 10, 1968, and grew up with nine brothers and sisters. Smiley liked comedy from a young age and started doing stand-ups in local talent shows and comedy clubs.

Smiley moved to Atlanta in 1991 to work as a comedian, and he quickly became well-known on the city’s comedy circuit. Soon, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, which is broadcast all over the country, found him and made him a regular guest.

This led to more radio and TV appearances, including “Comic View” and “Def Comedy Jam” on BET. Smiley’s unique laugh and comedic timing made him a fan favorite, and soon he was known as one of the best comedians in the country.

Rickey Confirms That His Son Brandon Dies At The Age Of 32

On January 29, 2023, Rickey Smiley lost Brandon Smiley, his oldest son, who was 32 years old. He posted the news on Instagram, saying that he wanted to be the first person to talk about his son’s death because many media and news outlets could make up for his son’s death.

Ricky Smiley's Son Brandon Dies At 32: What Caused His Death

Brandon’s daughter, Storm, was the only person who cared about him after he died. Brandon’s father, Rickey Smiley, asked everyone to pray for his son, but especially for his mother, siblings, and daughter.

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He said that losing a son is a terrible nightmare and that Brandon leaving them at the age of 32 was a shock to everyone. Rickey said that it was a shock to him, but he is slowly coming to terms with the truth. He thanked and appreciated everyone who called and texted him with prayers and kind words.

Ricky Smiley Made ‘The Rickey Smiley Show

Smiley made “The Rickey Smiley Show,” his own TV show, in 2008. The show was a hit, and the TV One network showed it for three seasons. The show followed Smiley’s life as he raised his three kids as a single parent and tried out different businesses. People liked the show, and it solidified Smiley’s position as one of the most important voices in African-American comedy.

Ricky Smiley's Son Brandon Dies At 32: What Caused His Death

Smiley has also become known as a radio personality. He is the host of the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” which is heard all over the country and has a mix of comedy, interviews with famous people, and talk with listeners. The show is one of the most popular morning shows in the country, and people all over the United States listen to it by the millions.

Smiley has also done a lot of good things for people outside of his comedy and radio careers. He cares very much about education and has helped many young people in the Atlanta area. He has also taken part in a number of charity events, such as the “Rickey Smiley Foundation for Kids” gala, which is held every year to raise money for children in need.

Ricky Smiley's Son Brandon Dies At 32: What Caused His Death

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Rickey Smiley is a well-known comedian and media personality who has made a huge difference in the world of comedy. Many young people have been encouraged by him to follow their dreams and never give up on them. He is a goodwill ambassador for the art of comedy, and he keeps making people laugh and happy all over the world.