Are Below Deck’s Ben And Camille Still Together? Here’s What We Know

Deckhand Ben Willoughby was born and raised on the Gold Coast of Australia. He says that he is an “ocean child at heart.” Ben set sail for the first time in 2020 when he joined a crew on a mega yacht in France. He was inspired to do this by a childhood friend who was a yachtie. Ben has been working as a deckhand and personal trainer on yachts for the past three years, combining his love of the water with his love of fitness.

Camille has always loved boats because her family has always been merchant mariners. Camille has been sailing since she was 9 years old, and she loves the ocean, the beach, and going to new places. Camille took part in the last season of “American Idol” because she likes to sing and write.

After she lost, Camille got lost and went back to where she came from in the water. Camille got a job on a day-charter yacht in the Virgin Islands by using the sailing skills she had learned as a child. Camille has since taken more formal training in yachting and worked in Miami and Los Angeles to gain work experience. Camille joins St. David as a deck/stew this season. She works both on deck and inside the yacht, which makes her lose motivation while on board.

Are Below Deck's Ben And Camille Still Together? Here's What We Know

Fans want to know if Camille and Ben are still together at the end of season 10 of Below Deck. Camille was fired from the show. In early 2022, when they were filming their showmance, the showmance couple kept posting pictures of their romantic moments on Instagram.

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Read the whole article to find out if they are still dating or not. Find out a lot about Camille and Ben, two of your favorite celebrities, and a lot of interesting things about them.

What Did Ben Willoughby Say About His Relationship With Camille Lamb?

Ben went on the podcast Above Deck not too long ago to talk about everything on Below Deck. The subject of his relationship with Camille came up pretty quickly. The deckhand agreed that the boat relationship was a big deal for Season 10 of Below Deck. Ben agreed that they had a lot in common and said it was like a love story that makes you wonder if real relationships are like that.

Are Below Deck's Ben And Camille Still Together? Here's What We Know

“It was great to be there with her at that time. “She was going through a really hard time, and I think she leaned on my shoulder to get through it, so we were each other’s only support on this boat,” he said.
Ben waited a moment before saying anything else. In the mid-season trailer for Below Deck, it was shown that one of Ben’s old loves had joined the crew as a new member. Even though Ben didn’t say that directly, he did hint that the popular sailing show would tell a lot more of his story.

Is Ben Willoughby still with Camille Lamb?

On neither of their Instagrams, Camille and Ben’s relationship status is made clear. They only post about each other once in a while. To promote the show, they’ve all shared photos of themselves together. They don’t seem to be dating anyone else, which could mean that they are still together. But that could be a trick to keep people guessing until Season 10 is over.

Are Below Deck's Ben And Camille Still Together? Here's What We Know

Ben and Camille are doing a great job of hiding the fact that they are still seeing each other if they are. At least based on social media, they haven’t been in the same place together in a while.

Ben and Camille might not be together today. Relationships often end very quickly below Deck. Only time will tell if Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb are still together. But the fact that Ben spoke so highly of Camille suggests that, at the very least, they are still friends.

Ben invited Camille to a crew dinner

But Ben, who has been dating Camille for three weeks, was seen getting angry when his girlfriend was replaced with another stew/deck. He talked to Camille on the phone, and she told him that she was going home the next day. Ben invited her to a party dinner, which was meant to be a chance for the crew to unwind.

Are Below Deck's Ben And Camille Still Together? Here's What We Know

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Everyone was surprised when Camille showed up at the dinner just a few days after she was fired. Alissa said the whole thing was awkward. She also said that she would have been too embarrassed to show her face if she had been fired.

Camille, on the other hand, was seen having fun with Ben and even made up with Fraser, who said that there was no bad blood between them and that she was just a bad stew. Camille was happy with her choice and said that she walked away with her head held high.