Are Love Islands Secretly Dating Jake And Liberty?

In July, just a year after winning Love Island 2021, Millie and Liam said they were breaking up. After Liam’s head was briefly turned by Lillie Haynes, the couple had a rough time in the villa, but when he got back from Casa Amor, he realised his heart was with Millie.

They moved in together in November of last year, but they broke up a few months later. They posted on their Instagram Stories that they still wish each other the best, even though they were no longer together.

Are Jake And Liberty Still Dating?

Fans were heartbroken when Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish broke up while they were in the villa.

The seventh-season couple who had been together the longest decided to break up and agreed to leave the villa together.

Are Love Islands Secretly Dating Jake And Liberty?

The couple made their relationship official in the villa and became 2021’s first boyfriend and girlfriend, which makes their breakup even more sad.

Are Love Islands Secretly Dating Jake And Liberty?

One of the most shocking things to happen on Love Island last year was when Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole, who seemed to be the strongest couple in the villa, broke up. But now, months after Jake and Lib left the show, it has come out that they secretly got back together in the UK.

“We chose to give it a try. Jake told The Sun in an interview that they used to talk, but they had to agree that they weren’t right for each other. He then told The Sun when they last talked. “When I heard she was going to be on Dancing on Ice, I sent her a message that said, “Great job, Lib!” She replied, “Thank you,” and that was the last time I talked to her.

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The reality star insisted that he really cared about Liberty and that it broke his heart when she decided to end their relationship. “Before her, I had only one girlfriend, my childhood sweetheart,” he said. It hurt to be dumped for the first time. We were making plans to go on vacation together and meet each other’s families, and then all of a sudden it was over.

Are Love Islands Secretly Dating Jake And Liberty?

Jake and Liberty left the villa after the breakup, and Jake told the newspaper that the breakup wasn’t as bad as it seemed. He also said, “The breakup looked a lot different on TV than it did in real life.” “We talked, kissed, and made up, but only part of that conversation was shown on TV.”

Liberty is currently competing on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, but she recently decided to help her fans who wanted to apply for Love Island. In an Instagram story video, Liberty said, “So I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking about my Love Island audition tape and stuff now that applications are open again, so I thought I’d just jump on here and help everyone out.” “I think you should just be who you are. if any of the things above happen. Also, I think it’s important to think outside the box.

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During The Week Of Love Island’s Grand Finale, Liberty And Jake Broke Up

Even though it didn’t look like it, Jake insisted that he went on Love Island to find love after his previous seven-year relationship ended.

Are Love Islands Secretly Dating Jake And Liberty?

“Before I went on Love Island, I was in a long-term relationship for seven years. I longed to fall in love again. “I thought I had that with Lib—I was in love,” he said. “When I asked her to be my girlfriend, she said, ‘I’ve never loved anyone like you.’