Are ‘MILF Manor’ Pola Mochon And Ryan Jovan Still Together?

With the conclusion of TLC’s dating program “MILF Manor” approaching, viewers are concerned about the relationship outcomes for the participants. The show aimed to help single MILFs find love by pairing them with their sons. Pola Mochon, one of the participants, seemed to have found a connection with Shannan Diggs’ son, Ryan Diggs. While they hit it off in the initial episodes, Pola became hesitant as Ryan’s advances were moving too fast. However, they later rekindled their relationship. Fans are eagerly awaiting the finale to learn about Pola’s romantic status.

Are Pola Mochon And Ryan Jovan Still In A Relationship?

Although there has been no official confirmation from Pola regarding her relationship status with Ryan after the show, her recent social media posts suggest that they may still be together. In a series of images posted on Friday, Pola can be seen posing with the cast of MILF Manor, including Ryan, with a big smile on her face. The post was captioned with tips on making friends, such as being yourself, trying new things, talking to people, pursuing common interests, and making an effort to stay in touch.

Are 'MILF Manor’ Pola Mochon And Ryan Jovan Still Together?

Just a few days before, Pola was spotted hanging out with Kelle, Joey, Ryan, and her kids, indicating that she and Ryan may still be in contact. Pola’s caption on the picture emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between love, boundaries, and limits for feeling safe and secure. While neither Pola nor Ryan have confirmed their relationship status, their recent social media posts suggest that they may still be interested in each other. It is unclear whether they are taking things slow or have already progressed in their relationship. Nonetheless, social media posts seem to suggest that they are still close.

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Why Did Pola Mochon Get Disappoint In Season’s Finale?

Leaked footage of the upcoming season finale reveals that Kelle and Jose became romantically involved. In the video, Kelle is seen pouring liquor over Jose’s body and licking it off, while Pola appears to be bothered by the display. It is evident that Pola has a strong dislike for Kelle and does not want her son to spend time with her. In the trailer, Pola admits that she pretended to be observing the situation but was actually distracted.

Are 'MILF Manor’ Pola Mochon And Ryan Jovan Still Together?

Pola expressed her discomfort with the leaked footage of Kelle and Jose’s intimate moment, stating that while Kelle seemed to enjoy it, she did not find it enjoyable. This suggests that the upcoming truth-or-dare plot in the finale may lead to conflicts among the cast. The finale of “MILF Manor” aired on Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 10/9c on TLC.

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In conclusion, it is unclear whether Pola Mochon and Ryan Jovan are still together, but their recent social media activity suggests they may be. As the finale of “MILF Manor” approaches, tensions are high due to Kelle and Jose’s blossoming romance, which has disappointed Pola. The series finale is scheduled to air on March 19, 2023, on TLC.