Dori Monson Dies At The Age Of 61 – Details Inside!

Dori Monson was a radio host in Seattle. She died on Saturday at the age of 61.

The news of Dori’s sudden death in a Seattle hospital on Saturday night broke the hearts of everyone at KIRO Newsradio and Bonneville International Corporation, as well as her close family.

On Sunday afternoon, KIRO Newsradio put an article about Monson’s death on its website. Bonneville International, which owns KIRO Newsradio, said in a statement, “The KIRO Newsradio family and Bonneville International Corporation, along with Dori Monson’s immediate family, are deeply saddened to announce that Dori died suddenly at a Seattle hospital Saturday night.” “Dori has been sick for a few years, and on Thursday, December 29, he had a heart attack at home. He was taken to the hospital.”

Dori Monson Dies At The Age Of 61 - Details Inside!

Even when he was sick, Monson liked to go deep-sea fishing with his coworkers and play pickleball with his family. His wife and three grown daughters will carry on without him. Find out everything about his wife, daughter, and net worth by reading on.

Know About Dori Monson’s Wife & Kids

Suzanne Monson was married to Dori Monson. Monson met the woman who would become his wife when they were both students at the University of Washington. Suzanne went to school at the University of Washington and got a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications in 1984. They were together for a few years before they got married in June 1987.

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She writes copy on her own time. She used to work as a writer for the Seattle Times for 20 years. In 1999, she went to work for the Seattle Times. Her first job was to write for the Money Makeover about how people in the Puget Sound area who were having trouble with money could make money.

Dori Monson Dies At The Age Of 61 - Details Inside!

Suzanne was also a freelance writer for the advertising section of the newspaper. He wrote articles about real estate that were interesting and true. She gave the New Homes Saturday/NWHomes section a lot of easy-to-understand tips on how to buy a home.

In 2010, Suzanne opened her own media company called Monson Media. There, she wrote new content for real estate and law firms’ websites and edited the hard copy they already had. In an interview, Suzanne Monson said that she listens to her husband’s radio show, The Dori Monson Show, which is often called “The Big Show.” Dori Monson has three daughters with his wife.

What Was Dori Monson’s Net Worth After Death?

Dori Monson was a radio host in the United States. She was born on October 2, 1961, and died on December 31, 2022. He was the host of the Dori Monson Show, a talk show on KIRO-FM in Seattle, Washington, that aired in the afternoon. People thought he was worth between $3 million and $5 million.

Dori Monson Dies At The Age Of 61 - Details Inside!

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After longtime Seattle broadcaster Bill O’Mara introduced him to King Broadcasting owner Dorothy Bullitt, Monson started working as a sports producer at KING-TV and a sports reporter and host at KING AM. In 1994, when the Pat Cashman Show moved to a new station, he moved to KIRO-FM 100.7.