Meet Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband Billy Evans: Relationship Details

Elizabeth Holmes, a convicted fraudster and former biotechnology entrepreneur, rose to notoriety as the ex-CEO and founder of Theranos, a defunct healthcare technology company. Theranos claimed to have revolutionized blood testing by creating techniques that could utilize tiny blood samples obtained from a finger prick.

Although Elizabeth Holmes’ ascent and downfall in Silicon Valley are widely chronicled, little is known about her present spouse, Billy Evans. This piece aims to investigate Holmes’ personal life and her partnership with Evans, particularly how her romantic relationships have affected her professional trajectory.

Elizabeth Holmes Is Married To Billy Evans

Elizabeth Holmes tied the knot with Billy Evans in 2019, but their relationship has largely remained a mystery. They supposedly met while Theranos was collapsing, and their relationship swiftly progressed, with the pair relocating to a shared apartment in San Francisco. They kept their nuptials under wraps and welcomed a child in 2021.

Holmes’ pregnancy and motherhood have attracted media attention as she has used them to delay the commencement of her prison sentence for defrauding Theranos investors. She was found guilty on three counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in January 2022, and her sentence was 11 years and three months in jail.

Meet Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband Billy Evans: Relationship Details

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Initially, Holmes was given permission to surrender on April 27, 2022, to enable her to give birth to her second child. However, her request to remain free while she appeals her conviction has been rejected, and she will have to go to jail.

All About Billy Evans, Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband

Billy Evans, the husband of Elizabeth Holmes, served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Theranos, the blood-testing company that Holmes founded. Evans joined the firm in 2006 and was responsible for managing its financial operations. He played a crucial role in securing funding for the company, which had a valuation of $9 billion at its peak.

However, following the exposure of Theranos’ fraudulent activities, Evans was indicted on charges of conspiracy and fraud. He has pleaded not guilty and is currently awaiting trial. Before joining Theranos, Evans held various financial positions at organizations such as Charles Schwab and VeriSign.

Meet Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband Billy Evans: Relationship Details

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Elizabeth Holmes’ Past Relationships

While participating in Stanford University’s Mandarin program in Beijing in 2002, Elizabeth Holmes met Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, a former executive at Theranos and her former romantic partner. Holmes was 18 years old at the time, while Balwani was 19 years her senior and still married to another woman. Balwani divorced his wife in 2002 and began a relationship with Holmes in 2003, around the time she left Stanford. In 2005, the couple moved into an apartment together, and although Balwani did not formally join Theranos until 2009, he provided Holmes with advice from the company’s inception.

Together, Holmes and Balwani led the company with a culture of secrecy and fear, according to former employees. They kept their romantic relationship hidden for much of the time they ran the company. Balwani left Theranos in 2016 amid investigations, and the circumstances of his departure remain unclear. While Holmes has claimed to have fired him, Balwani maintains that he left voluntarily.