Is Aaron Rodgers’ Ex-Girlfriend Shailene Woodley Dating Ansel Elgort?

Aaron Rodgers, a well-known NFL player, and Shailene Woodley used to be engaged, but they broke up in the beginning of 2022.

Shailene Diann Woodley is an actor from the United States. She was born on November 15th, 1991. Woodley was born in San Bernardino, California, and he grew up in Simi Valley. When she was four, she started modeling, and when she was eight, she got her first small TV part.

Let’s learn more about Shailene Woodley‘s dating and past relationship.

Is Shailene Woodley Dating Ansel Elgort?

Most people can’t help but remember when Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley played young people with terminal illnesses who fell in love. The question is if Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort’s lives have finally come together.

Fans of Ansel and Shailene think they might be dating after seeing them in a number of social media photos together, as reported by PageSix. Elgort posted a photo on Instagram of the two former “Fault in Our Stars” co-stars cuddling up at a restaurant in Italy.

In his most recent photo dump, he put the picture with the words “It’s the season for loooovingg” next to it. Elgort, who was 28 years old, put his arm around Woodley, who was 30, and pulled her to his chest. They both smiled widely at each other.

Is Aaron Rodgers’ Ex-Girlfriend Shailene Woodley Dating Ansel Elgort?

Elgort also showed a picture of what looked like a private meal they had together.

At a different Italian restaurant, the actor took a picture of Woodley while she was sitting next to him and being served champagne. The “Big Little Lies” star looked casual because she wasn’t wearing any makeup and had messy hair.

Fans were immediately full of questions about whether or not they were dating. Some of the comments were “OMG OMG ARE YOU TWO DATING?,” “the romance of the fault in the stars is not over,” and “Is she your girlfriend???”

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Is Shailene’s relationship with Ansel for real?

Fans will have to keep waiting to find out if Shailene and Ansel are dating or not, since neither Ansel nor Shailene has said anything about the rumors so far.

Woodley and NFL star Aaron Rodgers broke up, so until we know for sure she is dating someone else, we might think of her as single. In February 2021, the two people got engaged, but they decided not to get married in February.

Know More About  Ansel Elgort And Shailene Woodley Dating History

As of the beginning of August 2022, Ansel was with Violetta Komyshan. Fans think that his relationship with Violetta ended before he was caught kissing a mysterious woman in Italy, as Page Six reported.

Is Aaron Rodgers’ Ex-Girlfriend Shailene Woodley Dating Ansel Elgort?

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But Shailene had already made plans for her wedding to Aaron Rodgers, a pro football player. People says that the couple has called off their wedding plans for April 2022.