Is Stephen A Smith Dating Molly? Rumored Relationship Status

Jalen Rose, an NBA commentator for ESPN, and his wife, First Take broadcaster Molly Qerim, announced their separation in December.

Given that the couple had only been together for three years, the heartbreaking news came as a shock.

However, there have been rumors circulating at ESPN that Stephen A Smith may be dating Jalen Rose’s estranged wife Molly Qerim.

Stephen A Smith Roasted Molly Qerim

For those who don’t know, Stephen A. Smith is just as proud of his physical appearance on First Take as he is of his sports knowledge and opinions.

The First Take star frequently celebrates his appearance and criticises those who appear on the show who do not reach his high standards for professional clothing. Molly Qerim, Smith’s co-host, was also targeted.

“Molly, Molly, Molly, Molly,” Smith yelled as he attempted to interrupt his co-host. “It’s hard to listen to someone try to make a point in her pajamas! That’s number one.”

Is Stephen A Smith Dating Molly? Rumored Relationship Status

“I don’t need to compliment myself like the rest of the world – let me tell you, I look alright,” Qerim fired back, while maintaining that she was not wearing pajamas.

“Molly is always an A,” Smith noted of his co-host’s appearance. “The problem is SHE KNOWS IT so she thinks she can come on the air with her pajamas, that’s the problem!”

So are Stephen A Smith And Molly Qerim Dating?

According to MTO, there has been speculation that Qerim is dating First Take actor Stephen A. Smith.

“MTO News spoke with two ESPN staffers who work closely with Stephan A and Molly, and both claimed they believe the two are dating,” according to the storey.

“She’s obviously Stephen A’s type, a non-Black woman with ‘exotic’ looks,” says the narrator. Molly is ethnically mixed, with Italian and Albanian ancestry, according to one of the workers.

Another employee added, “They flirt a lot on camera,” he said. “I thought it was all just play-play. But now that we learn she’s been single for a year. Yeah, it seems like something is up.”

This isn’t the first time Smith has been linked to a colleague in this fashion.

Many people feel that Molly is completely out of Stephen A.’s league, despite his wealth and celebrity.  status. However, this isn’t the first time a coworker has been linked to Stephen A.

So, does this rumour have any truth to it?

It is impossible to know for sure. When there’s smoke, there’s often fire. It’s sometimes simply smoke, and sometimes it’s not.

Which is the case in this instance? We’ll have to wait and see.