Who is Lexi Rivera Dating? Everything We Know

Lexi Rivera, a 20-year-old social media sensation, is a successful YouTuber.

The influencer is also a TikTok sensation, with roughly 16 million followers and over 325 million likes on her videos.

Lexi Rivera Biography

Lexi Rivera was born on June 7, 2001, in the state of California. Lexi Rivera is her given name, and she is 20 years old. Gemini is the zodiac sign of those born on June 7th. Serpent is her zodiac sign.

On May 26, 2012, she uploaded her first photo to Instagram. This was almost three years after her brother’s first YouTube video.

Who is Lexi Rivera dating?

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating? Everything We Know

Andrew Davila, an influencer, is said to be associated to Lexi Rivera.

Though the rumours were never proven, the two have been friends for a long time and have frequently worked on social media videos.

Lexi released a video on her YouTube account titled MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND, leading fans to believe that she and Andrew are officially dating.

She allegedly pranked her ex, Ben Azelart, into thinking she and Andrew were dating in the video.

In addition, she states at the start of the video that despite the prank, the two are just “very close friends.”

However, because he is always filming TikToks with Lexi for their accounts, folks believe they are seeing each other on the low.

What did fans say about Lexi and Andrew?

Some admirers couldn’t believe Lexi wasn’t dating Andrew in real life in the comments section of the video she shared of the prank.

“Realize how every video she pranks Ben like something flirty or something, she always uses Andrew lol,” one YouTube user stated.

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“‘Lexi and Andrew are merely friends but you never know how love will finish’ oh my they’re in love,” wrote another.

“Why do you crush Ben’s heart so many times, I feel so horrible for Ben,” a third wrote.

Who is Lexi Rivera’s ex Ben?

lexi livera and  ben

Ben Azelart, Lexi’s ex-boyfriend, is also a social media influencer.

He has over 5.7 million Instagram followers and a YouTube channel with approximately 7 million subscribers.

The couple apparently dated on and off since she was 15 years old, and they confirmed their split with a video titled We Broke Up on YouTube.

“I think what was challenging was we wanted to make you people happy, as well as make ourselves happy,” Ben said in response to their breakup. But, in the end, I believe we just did not do both.”

He also mentioned that they both needed “separate” time.

Her Instagram account was later discovered by followers, and she now has over 7 million active followers. Meanwhile, Tiktok has emerged as the most popular platform among young celebrities, owing to its rapid growth and great potential. She has approximately 17 million active followers on Tiktok. She is currently attempting to grow her social media presence across all platforms. So that she can continue her acting career in the television industry; nonetheless, she has previously acted in Brorobot, a web series that was launched in 2018.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth:

Lexi Rivera has an estimated net worth of $2 million. As a result, she became the most well-known female celebrity on social media, with a million-dollar wealth. It’s evident that she makes the majority of her money from her Youtube channel, where she gets money from advertisements and sponsored postings. She does, however, have a large number of followers on other social media platforms, which allows her to earn a lot of money.

Lexi Rivera, like other celebrities, prefers to keep her personal and love life secret, so come back often as we will continue to add new dating news and speculations to this page.