Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend: All We Need to Know About Her Relationship With Darius Jackson

When Keke Palmer portrayed Queen Latifah’s niece in the 2004 film Barbershop 2: Back in Business, she initially attracted the attention of Hollywood. The actress-singer has since appeared in other films, including True Jackson, VP, and Hustlers. However, despite spending a lot of time in the public eye, the young actress has kept her personal affairs entirely, well, private.

Palmer hasn’t always been the kind to talk openly about her relationships, but she did so in a number of since-deleted Instagram postings regarding her connection with Darius Jackson. On the platform, the two have unfollowed one another, although no breakup has been declared as of yet. What is the current status of their relationship? We can reveal the following.

Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend: All We Need to Know About Her Relationship With Darius Jackson

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Keke Palmer Is Secretive About Her Love Life

As we have said, Palmer doesn’t typically tell her followers about breakups and reconciliations. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she admitted, “I don’t really do relationship things online, mostly because I don’t know how I would do it without appearing, like, corny or anything, you know? Yes, I’m completely genuine, but there are some things I do keep private for my loved ones. Despite her discretion, there have been rumors and conjectures regarding Palmer’s previous relationships.

The multi-talented actress has supposedly been linked to Quincy Brown from Brotherly Love and rapper Meek Mill, although she has never officially acknowledged anything. However, she implied that she was sharing housing with Rodney in a 2012 interview.

On Strahan, Sara & Keke, Bachelorette star Mike Johnson also openly asked her out, which terrified her to no end.

“I don’t know, dating individuals in the business really concerns me. That comes in first. Second: He questioned me in front of everyone. I felt completely blindsided. I experienced an ambush. I thought it was a big joke. She admitted to using drugs on Good Morning America.

Palmer and Styn from Mae Seven were seen together in 2020, but their friendship shortly faded. This brings us to the year 2021, where Palmer is still acting hush-hush but it appeared that she had finally met someone she genuinely adored.

Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend: All We Need to Know About Her Relationship With Darius Jackson

Darius Jackson: Who Is He?

Who is this mysterious man who appears to have finally won over the TV personality? Darius Jackson comes on. Jackson, who is not to be confused with the Green Bay Packers running back of the same name, works for the Bleav Podcast Network and Inspire Fitness US and describes himself as an actor, athlete, and analyst. Palmer and Jackson are both extremely gifted, so it seems sensible that they would be drawn to one another.

The duo allegedly met at Issa Rae and Diddy’s Memorial Day celebration. In May 2021, Palmer made his first appearance on Jackson’s Instagram when he sent a touching birthday tribute to the actress.

You can tell it’s serious since Jackson has made multiple cameos on Palmer’s Instagram. Without being too mushy because I HATEEEEE Who, she released a video of herself and her boyfriend in October 2021 and wrote: “It feels so great to not be frightened to display this type of compassion for someone that I don’t share the same blood with. I can be fairly guarded, so I didn’t think it could ever happen, but I appreciate you providing a safe place. I will always value what you have provided for me.

Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend: All We Need to Know About Her Relationship With Darius Jackson

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Instagram Activity Fuels Rumors of a Breakup

Palmer went through her Instagram in March 2022, even though their relationship appeared to be going well, and erased any postings that referenced Jackson. Jackson followed suit, and the two even went so far as to unfollow one another on the platform. Palmer likes to keep her private life secret, so it’s unclear whether or not the pair have broken up because she hasn’t made an announcement. However, these days, a couple’s reciprocal unfollowing of one another is a rather obvious clue. We wish Palmer well, but only time will tell if she decides to come out on the subject.