Who Is Lily-Rose Depp’s Boyfriend? All About Her Relationship History

Lily-Rose Melody Depp, born on May 27, 1999, is a French-American actress and model. She made her acting debut in the film Tusk (2014) and gained recognition for her roles in The Dancer (2016), Planetarium (2016), and The King (2019). Depp’s performances in The Dancer and A Faithful Man (2018) earned her nominations for the prestigious César Awards in the Most Promising Actress category. Since 2015, she has been an ambassador for the fashion brand Chanel.

While she has gained recognition for her professional accomplishments, Lily-Rose has managed to keep her personal life relatively private. In a world dominated by the constant scrutiny of the media, Lily-Rose values her privacy and has chosen to keep her relationships out of the spotlight. However, let’s take a closer look at the limited information available and unravel the intriguing love life of Lily-Rose Depp.

Lily-Rose Is Currently Dating 070 Shake Aka Dani Moon

In February 2023, rumors began circulating that Lily-Rose was dating musician 070 Shake, also known as Dani Moon. The speculations gained momentum when the actor was spotted with 070 Shake during Paris Fashion Week. To add fuel to the fire, Lily-Rose shared an Instagram Story featuring a photo of herself kissing the musician in March 2023. While neither Lily-Rose nor 070 Shake has publicly confirmed their relationship, the evidence suggests that they are indeed an item.

Who Is Lily-Rose Depp's Boyfriend? All About Her Relationship History

070 Shake, born Danielle Balbuena, is an American rapper and singer. She gained fame for her work with Kanye West and her solo releases. Shake’s debut EP, Glitter, was well-received, and she made notable appearances on West’s songs “Ghost Town” and “Violent Crimes.” Her albums Modus Vivendi and You Can’t Kill Me were critically acclaimed. Shake collaborated with Raye on the hit single “Escapism.”

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All About Lily-Rose Depp’s Past Relationships

Yassine Stein: November 2021 to 2022

In November 2021, Lily-Rose was spotted kissing rapper Yassine Stein. They were seen together on multiple occasions, including a September outing in New York City. However, as of March 2023, fans noticed that the actor and musician had unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading to speculation that their relationship had come to an end.

Austin Butler: August 2021

Although it is unclear whether Lily-Rose and Austin Butler were in a serious relationship, they were spotted kissing after a dinner date. The two have a history that predates their brief romantic encounter, having worked together on the 2016 film Yoga Hosers. Despite the public display of affection, the status of their relationship remains uncertain.

Who Is Lily-Rose Depp's Boyfriend? All About Her Relationship History

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Timothée Chalamet: 2018 to 2020

One of Lily-Rose’s most notable relationships was with actor Timothée Chalamet. The pair met while filming Netflix’s The King in the summer of 2018 and were first seen together in October of that year. Paparazzi often captured their outings, and their infamous yacht makeout session in the summer of 2019 attracted significant attention. However, the couple parted ways in April 2020 for reasons that were never disclosed. Timothée expressed his frustration with the media’s scrutiny of their relationship, emphasizing that their connection was genuine and not a publicity stunt.

Ash Stymest: 2015 to 2018

Lily-Rose’s earliest documented relationship was with Ash Stymest, a British model. They were first seen together in October 2015, and while their relationship remained relatively low-key, they were spotted together on multiple occasions. In 2018, Lily-Rose and Ash decided to part ways, and although the reasons behind their breakup were undisclosed, it was reported that they amicably ended their relationship.

Throughout her career and personal life, Lily-Rose Depp has consistently emphasized the importance of privacy. Growing up in a high-profile family, she learned early on the value of keeping certain aspects of her life away from the public eye. Lily-Rose’s commitment to privacy extends beyond her relationships, allowing her to maintain a sense of normalcy and authenticity in an industry known for its constant scrutiny.