Ruby Franke Husband: ‘8 Passengers’ Creator Faces Child Abuse Charges

Ruby Franke rose to fame by sharing her life as a wife and mother of six kids through vlogs on her YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, starting in approximately 2015. The channel reached its highest point with 2.5 million subscribers. However, the frequency of uploads gradually became inconsistent, leading to the eventual closure of the channel earlier this year.

Recently, Ruby Franke, has been taken into custody. She and Jodi Hildebrandt are presently being held due to allegations of child abuse. Following his wife Ruby Franke’s arrest on Wednesday (August 30), Kevin Franke, the husband of the individual behind the 8 Passengers YouTube channel, will be responsible for looking after their children, as stated by his legal representative.

This article provides comprehensive information about the arrests of Ruby and Jodi, details about Ruby Franke’s background including her involvement on YouTube and the “8 Passengers” channel, insights into her family and children, her husband, and additional related details.

Who Is Ruby Franke’s Husband, Kevin Franke?

Ruby Franke, once a notable figure on YouTube, is married to Kevin Franke. The couple gained prominence through their YouTube series called “8 Passengers.” Kevin holds a significant role within Ruby’s family structure and is employed as an assistant civil engineer at Brigham Young University.

Amidst the success, Ruby and Kevin Franke’s divorce drew attention. While the couple didn’t confirm publicly, their absence from each other’s lives led to speculations. Observers noted Kevin’s absence from family activities and online presence, leading to questions about his whereabouts and role within the family.

Ruby Franke Husband: '8 Passengers' Creator Faces Child Abuse Charges

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Moreover, it’s noticeable that Ruby often doesn’t wear her wedding ring in videos. Kevin was last seen on Ruby’s Instagram in December 2021, participating in a neighborhood driveway project with their kids. Kevin seems to have deleted his social media presence, prompting speculation. While some dismissed rumors, others pointed to Ruby’s connection with Jodi Hildebrandt as a potential factor.

A Reddit user accused Jodi of contributing to separations, citing past Connexions reviews suggesting couples who consulted her were more likely to face troubled divorces. With over 25 years of experience, Hildebrandt is an expert in mental wellness and relationships, helping people make positive transformations. Keep reading for more.

Who Is Jodi Hildebrandt?

Jodi Hildebrandt, known as a life coach, author, and the creator behind Utah’s Connexions, has a history of five years working at Cirque Lodge, a rehabilitation facility that specializes in addiction therapy. As stated on her official website, her goal is to share life lessons on a global scale, with the intention of fostering wholesome, purposeful, and interconnected relationships for everyone.

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Ruby Franke, and Jodi Hildebrandt, the founder of parent counseling service ConneXions, were apprehended together on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. Their arrest stems from allegations of child abuse, as per the reports. Let’s delve about it in more detail in the upcoming paragraph.

Family Vlogger From 8 Passengers Channel Arrested On Child Abuse Charges

Ruby Franke has been taken into custody in Springville, Utah. She faces charges of aggravated child abuse in connection with the incident. The arrest occurred on the August, 30, 2023, at 9:33 p.m. alongside Jodi Hildebrandt, Franke’s business partner who co-founded the YouTube channel “ConneXions,” focused on offering parental advice and counseling.

Both individuals have been accused of committing two counts of second-degree aggravated child abuse, either intentionally or without knowledge. Ruby Franke and her husband, Kevin Franke, ran the “8 Passengers” YouTube channel, which gained substantial recognition over time. However, allegations and concerns began to arise among viewers regarding the couple’s treatment of their six children. The channel, which reached its peak with nearly 2.5 million subscribers, has since been deleted from the platform.

Ruby Franke Husband: '8 Passengers' Creator Faces Child Abuse Charges

The 12-year-old who managed to escape was discovered in a severely malnourished state, bearing multiple wounds. This young individual has been admitted to St. George Regional Hospital for medical treatment due to significant injuries caused by being restrained with rope and severe malnourishment. Law enforcement also revealed the presence of another child within the residence shared by Jodi, Ruby, and their children.

The second child, a 10-year-old girl, initially declined medical attention but eventually consented. Subsequently, she received care at a local hospital, where healthcare professionals determined that she, too, was afflicted by malnutrition.

In the midst of these events, the Franke family’s oldest daughter, Shari, utilized social media to discuss her interactions with the family during 2022. Her statements fueled additional speculations and discussions online. Following the arrest, Shari posted a photograph on her Instagram story, depicting a police car outside a residence, accompanied by the caption “finally.”