Joe Biggs Wife: He Received 17-Year Sentence For US Capitol Riot

Joseph Randall Biggs is an American citizen known for his association with the far-right group Proud Boys. He holds a prior felony conviction. In March 2021, a federal grand jury charged Biggs with conspiracy in relation to the 2021 United States Capitol attack. In May 2023, Biggs, along with three other Proud Boys members, was found guilty of seditious conspiracy by a jury.

On August 31, 2023, Biggs received a 17-year prison sentence. The sentencing is notable for being legally categorized as an act of terrorism. Aside from this, Joe Biggs had been married and was a father to a daughter; however, he subsequently went through a divorce. There is a lack of information regarding Joe Biggs’ wife, and similarly, his romantic relationships and love life remain undisclosed. Let’s know more about him.

Who Is Joe Biggs’ Wife?

Joe Biggs was previously married and had a daughter but later went through a divorce. Afterward, he became affiliated with the Proud Boys, a far-right organization founded by Gavin McInnes, who hired Biggs to host his own show on Censored.TV’s website. In 2018, Biggs relocated from Austin, Texas, to the Daytona Beach area in Florida. His primary motivation for this move was to be closer to his mother, who was battling cancer.

Tragically, Biggs’ stepfather, who had been caring for his mother on a daily basis, had recently passed away. His primary motivation for this move was to be closer to his mother, who was battling cancer. Accompanying Biggs on his move from Texas to Florida was his one-year-old daughter.

Joe Biggs Wife: He Receives 17-Year Sentence For US Capitol Riot

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Subsequently, the child’s biological mother, who was estranged from Biggs, also followed him to Florida. The two parents have been sharing custody of their daughter for some time now. Under their arrangement, the child spends weekdays with Biggs and weekends with her mother. In recent months, their daughter alternates spending nights between Biggs’ mother and her biological mother. Keep on reading for more.

Proud Boy Leader Joseph Biggs Receives 17-Year Sentence

A Proud Boys leader, Joe Biggs, has received a 17-year prison sentence in relation to his involvement in the US Capitol riot. This sentence is among the harshest penalties handed down in the context of over 1,100 criminal cases stemming from the Capitol attack. US Army veteran Biggs, 38, was convicted of seditious conspiracy and other charges in May. He expressed remorse during his court appearance. Another Proud Boys member, Zachary Rehl, received a 15-year sentence for similar charges.

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Biggs was accused of directing groups to challenge the government, while Rehl was seen using a chemical irritant in a video. Both sentences were handed down by US District Judge Timothy Kelly. During Rehl’s sentencing, Judge Kelly characterized the actions of Biggs, Rehl, and others on January 6th as a “national disgrace” that undermined America’s long-standing tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

Joe Biggs Wife: He Receives 17-Year Sentence For US Capitol Riot

The sentences handed down, 33 years for Biggs and 30 years for Rehl, were notably less severe than what prosecutors had sought. These penalties also fall short of the harshest sentence, an 18-year term given to Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes in a separate seditious conspiracy conviction related to January 6th.

Judge Kelly decided to apply this enhancement to one of Biggs’ and Rehl’s charges, related to the destruction of a fence surrounding the U.S. Capitol. However, he emphasized that he believed Biggs and Rehl did not have intentions to cause harm or incite mass casualties.