Who Was Tupac Dating When He Died? Complete Dating History

Tupac Shakur was a pioneering songwriter and performer who had a profound impact on the evolution of hip-hop. Even though Shakur died in 1996, he still has a strong presence in popular culture. Fans are fascinated by Shakur’s personal life, which he kept a secret for so long, and they’re eager to learn more about him and his achievements.

Even though Tupac Shakur died 26 years ago, the women in his life — and more specifically, his love interests — are still a hot topic of conversation. If Jada Pinkett Smith had a “precious” relationship with Tupac, what about his other relationships? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at all the women who were lucky enough to date Tupac, from actors to musicians to models.

Dating History of Tupac:

Madonna was commited to Tupac Shakur

madonna and tupac shakur

As reported by PopSugar, Tupac Shakur and Madonna allegedly started dating in early 1993. Shakur and his celebrity girlfriend were said to have been in a passionate relationship until January 1995, when Shakur ended their relationship. In a letter to Madonna, Shakur wrote that he feared their relationship would put his career in jeopardy. To this day, Madonna is quick to acknowledge the importance of Tupac Shakur’s influence on her career.

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Keisha Morris and Tupac Shakur had a brief romance

Shakur began dating actress Keisha Morris not long after his breakup with Madonna. Shakur and Morris hit it off right away, and they were married in April of 1995.

keisha Morris and Tupac Shakur

Shakur was released from prison in 1996 and things took a turn for the worse, leading to the couple separating in March of that year. When he got bail, I felt like I wasn’t needed anymore,” Morris told Popsugar, “things were getting very different once he got bail, and I felt like I wasn’t needed anymore. It wasn’t a good feeling. OK, of course you don’t know from being so young. But I just felt like, ‘Wow, OK, it was over.’ Like, ‘OK, I don’t need you anymore. I’m getting out.’ That’s it.

At about the same time, there were rumblings that rapper Tupac Shakur was having an illicit relationship with singer Whitney Houston. Bobby Brown, Houston’s ex-husband, was adamant that the two were romantically involved, despite the fact that this has never been confirmed.

Jara Everett and Heather Hunter were both lovers of Tupac Shakur for a short period of time

Tupac Shakur had a brief relationship with Jara Everett following his breakup with Morris. “He was so down-to-earth and he was a different person behind closed doors,” Everett wrote in her autobiography about Shakur.

Everett and Heather Hunter worked together on Shakur’s “How Do You Want It” video, and Shakur later dated Hunter. Even though they only dated for a short time before breaking up in late 1996 or early 1997, they remained close friends until Shakur’s untimely death.

When he was killed, Kidada Jones and Tupac Shakur were involved

Shakur was also said to have dated rapper Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Whitaker, whom he met in a recording studio. According to Popsugar, their friendship turned romantic, and Whitaker claims that she and Shakur dated on and off until Shakur’s death. Shakur’s most recent major relationship was with Kidada Jones, the sister of actor Rashida Jones.

kidada jones and tupac shakur

Jones and Shakur began dating in 1996, and the two moved in together after Shakur’s marriage to his previous wife, Keisha Morris, was annulled. They were said to have gotten engaged and were planning to marry – but tragedy struck first.

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Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting in September 1997. No one knows who killed the legendary rapper to this day. Despite the fact that his life and career were cut short, everyone who came into contact with him seems to remember him fondly, praising his musical and lyrical abilities.