What Happened to Tobuscus? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

What Happened to Tobuscus? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

A well-known and brilliant American internet celebrity goes by the handle Toby Turner or Tobuscus. Toby is a successful singer, actor, and comedian who has a sizable social media following. The online celebrity, however, did not always have a lavish existence. He became involved in a scandal a while back that nearly destroyed his career. What transpired to Tobuscus, and what charges did he face?

What Happened to Tobuscus? Here's Everything You Need to Know!
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Toby Turner, a renowned YouTuber, has seen success and failure in the business. When his ex-girlfriend April Fletcher accused him of rape in 2016, he suddenly became well-known for all the wrong reasons. Tobuscus’s life spiraled out of control after April’s accusations. Was there any truth to the charges, and did he ever make restitution?

Tobuscus, who is he?

On March 3, 1985, in Osborne, Mississippi, Toby Turner was born. He did, however, grow up in Florida, where he went to the University of Florida for his undergraduate studies.

Tobuscus has always known that he wants to work with cameras. As a result, he earned a degree in the film that ultimately helped him reach his current position. Tobuscus is a vlogger whose videos are quite popular. Turner’s films have included his sister, Angie, several times. In his humorous vlogs, Toby’s dog “Gryphon” (Falcor) frequently makes an appearance.

The social media expert has made the decision to keep his personal life under wraps in light of what transpired with Tobuscus. Since we respect the celebrity’s privacy, there haven’t been any recent developments surrounding his dating life.

Developing Tobuscus career

Tobuscus, the primary YouTube channel for Turner, has one of the highest subscriber counts. TobyGames, another channel he runs, is dedicated to video games. The Tobuscus sub count, however, is pretty amazing. While TobyGames has 6.3 million subscribers, Tobuscus has 6.26 million.

Turner is the ideal illustration of a millionaire who makes money via YouTube. As of 2017, it is believed that he has a net worth of more than $4.5 million. His YouTube revenue is likewise impressive. Depending on the number of views for each video, the online celebrity earns more than $140.

For instance, Tobuscus made $166 from his most recent video. In addition to his videos, Tobuscus has appeared on Annoying Orange on Cartoon Network. With his Iron Man 3 and Dead Island trailer interpretations on CBS News, he has also gained widespread notoriety.

How did Tobuscus fare?

Turner’s image was horribly tarnished on April 8, 2016, when his ex-girlfriend April Fletcher, nicknamed AprilEff, accused him of rape. He was accused by AprilEff of using narcotics, drugging her, and rapping her in February 2013. She also charged Turner with having extramarital affairs with other women, possibly with the intention of having them raped.

However, AprilEff was not the only former partner who accused Tobuscus of the same things. Famous YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn and Turner’s ex-girlfriend Amelia Talon openly discussed their relationships. Talon said the famous person drugged her and forced her to have sex. Glenn, though, had a significantly different account.

What happened to Jaclyn Glenn and Toby Turner?

Jaclyn Glenn stressed that even though she occasionally felt coerced, she was never compelled to do anything against her will in response to Turner’s unlawful behavior against her. Just before Tobuscus and April began dating in 2015, Jaclyn Glenn and Toby Turner were romantically together.

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In Hollywood entertainment, what happened to Tobuscus is nothing out of the ordinary. Other famous people have faced situations when they had to apologize publicly or go to court. Some people have even lost their successful occupations in rare circumstances. Tobuscus, on the other hand, is concentrating on expanding his social network.

She currently posts contentious videos to her YouTube account. Do you know her net worth or the big media outlets she has worked for? What does she currently do? Read the article to learn more about these facts and others.