What Is Alix Earle’s Net Worth? Complete Details!

The manager of influencer marketing spills the beans on how much Alix Earle makes.

Alix Earle is a 22-year-old TikTok star from New Jersey. Between her Instagram and TikTok accounts, she has more than 4 million followers. Earle was recently at the center of a controversy when her fans found out about the money she supposedly makes from brand partnerships.

Influencer marketing manager Jessica Liliann said in a TikTok video that has over 130,000 views that Earle charges between $40,000 and $70,000 for brand collaboration, depending on how big the campaign is. This means that Earle could make over $500,000 a year if she only posted one video per month.

About Alix Earle Controversy

What Is  Alix Earle’s Net Worth?

Earle’s influence was clear in the recent “Rosemary Mintgate” scandal, in which she included a Black haircare brand in her “Best Amazon Purchases of 2022” TikTok review. Mielle Organics’ Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil was used in a tutorial that went viral and caused the product to sell out online.

Some Black Twitter users said that Black hair companies like Shea Moisture and Carol’s Daughter have a history of changing their brands to appeal to mainstream audiences by raising prices, changing formulas, and taking Black women out of their ads. Monique Rodriguez, the founder of Mielle Organics, talked about the backlash on social media.

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What Is Alix Earle’s Salary & Net Worth?

Some people have praised Earle for getting a high-paying job, while others have pointed out the difference between her salary and the salaries of people in other jobs, like teachers. One user said, “It’s great that she’s getting paid what she’s worth, but I think other jobs should do better with that, too.” Another user wrote, “I think it’s kind of silly that she gets that much money for one video when we can’t even pay our teachers properly, but that’s just me.”

If Earle charges an average of $55,000 per brand collaboration and posts one to two videos per month, she could make between $660,000 and $1,320,000 per year just from brand collaborations. If she has been working for three years and has no other income, her total net worth from brand collaborations would be between $1,980,000 and $3,960,000.

What Is  Alix Earle’s Net Worth?

Know About Alix Earle’s Personal Life

Alix Earle is a student at the University of Miami’s Herbert School of Business and works as a marketing intern at Earle, which is run by her family and is based in New Jersey. Earle’s LinkedIn page says that in this role, she has helped with the company’s newsletter and social media updates.

Earle’s website says that after the September 11 attacks, all construction vehicles and equipment are now required to fly the American flag. The family also runs a foundation whose main goal is to help fight the opioid crisis.

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Earle’s dad, the CEO of the company, Thomas Earle, was also in the news after a famous breakup. In 2008, it was said that Thomas Earle cheated on his then-wife Alisa with Ashley Dupré. Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York, was caught using the services of the VIP escort agency where Dupré worked, the Emperor’s Club. Dupré then quit his job.

The New York Daily News says that Thomas and Ashley Earle got married in the year 2013. Instagram says she has three children and two “extra babies,” which are probably Alix and Ashtin.