What Is Romeo Miller’s Net Worth? Know About His Personal & Professional Life!

He is a rapper, actor, and TV star. Percy Romeo Miller is also known as Romeo, which is his stage name. He used to be called Lil’ Romeo. In the early 2000s, he quickly became a well-known rapper after signing with No Limit Records, which was then run by his father, Master P.

His first single, “My Baby,” came out quickly in 2001. It got to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, which was its highest point.

Miller’s first album, Lil’ Romeo, came out later that same year. It debuted at number six on the US Billboard 200 and was certified Gold after selling 99,000 copies in its first week.

What Is Romeo Miller's Net Worth? Know About His Personal & Professional Life!

Romeo Miller’s Biography

Percy Romeo Miller was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 19, 1989. He is better known by his stage name, Romeo (he used to go by the name Lil Romeo). Master P and Sonya C, his parents, were both rap artists.

He is also the cousin of singer-rapper Mo B. Dick and the brother of actress-singer Cymphonique Miller. His nephews are C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker.

Lil Romeo’s Personal Life

Miller was on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars but had to quit because of an injury. He danced with Chelsie Hightower during the show. He was the host of Ex on the Beach on MTV. Miller and his girlfriend told people about the birth of their daughter on February 14, 2022.

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About Lil Romeo’s Professional Career

Romeo Miller‘s first song as Lil Romeo was called “My Baby.” It came out in 2001 and reached No. 1 on the Hip-Hop and R&B Singles charts. The album was also at the top of both the Top R&B Albums and Billboard 200 charts at the same time.

Later, the RIAA gave it Gold certification because it had sold 500,000 copies around the world. He was also on the remix of “That’s Kool” by Silkk the Shocker that was on the album.

Miller’s second album, “Game Time,” came out the next year. It went to No. 10 on the Top Hip-Hop Albums chart and No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 200. The result was the songs “2-Way,” which reached No. 66 on the Hot R&B Songs chart, and “True Love,” which reached No. 16 on the Hot Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Then he put out his third album, “Romeoland,” which did not do as well as his first two albums. It did, however, reach No. 70 on the Billboard 200 and was listed among the Top Rap Albums.

What Is Romeo Miller's Net Worth? Know About His Personal & Professional Life!

With the help of his father, Aster P., he set up Guttar Music Entertainment in 2005. The first album by the group Rich Boyz was called “Young Ballers: The Hood Been Good to Us.” It was made by Valentino Miller, his brother, Valentino Miller, and their cousins Lil”D, Willie J, and C-Los.

But after a while, everyone went their separate ways. In 2006, Guttar Music Entertainment put out two digital albums by him called “Lottery” and “God’s Gift.”

The latter album, which was more explicit than his earlier ones, was used as the soundtrack for Master P, Miller’s father. The rapper Bow Wow’s comeback was the song “U Can’t Shine Like Me,” which was on both of these albums.

Miller and his father started to Take A Stands Record, a studio record company that will only put out music with clean lyrics. The first Hip Hop album, “Hip Hop History,” was put out digitally by this record company.

He also started acting, appearing with Jessica Alba in movies like “Honey” and “Max Keeble’s Big Move.” He also appeared on TV more than once. Miller promoted “I Am No Limit,” which went to the top of the Billboard 200 and sold a lot of copies, and put out the mixtape “Get Low LP.”

He formed the band RESQ3 and released the song “The Only One.” In 2014, he put out the mixtape “Fighting Monsters,” which had music from Ace B, DeCarlo, BlaqNmiD, Eastwood, JSlugg500, and BlaqNmiD, among others. In 2019, he put out an album called “Hidden Treasure” that also had his father on it.

What Is Romeo Miller's Net Worth? Know About His Personal & Professional Life!

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What Is Romeo Miller’s Net Worth?

Lil Romeo has a net worth of $5 million. He is an American rapper, actor, basketball player, businessman, and model. In the early 2000s, when he signed with No Limit Records, he first became known as a rapper. Master P set up No Limit. He is the father of Lil Romeo.

Romeo Miller often helps his father with his business deals. AfroTech said recently that Hercy Miller also got help from his father to keep his $2 million suitcase safe.