Who Is Carl Nassib’s Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

This week, our football player Carl Nassib stated he had a lover, breaking hearts all across the world!

On his Comeback Stories podcast, the 28-year-old defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders discussed how the one thing missing from his life was “to be someone’s number one priority.”
“Oh, I met a great person,” Nassib said when asked for more information by a worldwide yoga instructor and podcast co-host Donny Starkings. He is the greatest.”

Internet sleuths quickly deduced that Erik Gudzinas, whose Instagram feed features multiple photos of the couple hanging out and appearing very happy together, could be the lucky boyfriend.

“And I couldn’t have it, so that was the one thing,” Nassib explained, adding, “But I have that now, so it’s nice.”
Last June, Nassib came out on Instagram, making him the league’s first active player. He’s been a big part of the Raiders’ unbeaten season, and he even had a vital strip-sack in overtime that helped them pull off a thrilling comeback victory in their season opener on Monday Night Football.

Carl Nassib Confirms He Has a Boyfriend

Carl Nassib, a member of the Las Vegas Raiders, appears to be in love!

Last night, the out gay NFL star and Raiders defensive end posted a sweet photo on his Instagram stories, showing him partnered up and comfortable with alleged beau Erik Gudzinas.

We’re swooning over how adorable Nassib and Gudzinas look together in the photo, which he captioned simply with two red heart emojis.

Who Is Carl Nassib's Boyfriend?

The 28-year-old football player first revealed he was dating in late September when he appeared on Raiders teammate Darren Waller’s Comeback Stories podcast, where he discussed how the one thing missing from his life after publicly coming out during Pride Month was “to be someone’s number one priority.”

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“And I couldn’t have it, so that was the one thing,” Nassib explained, adding, “But I have that now, so it’s nice.”

“Oh, I met an angel,” Nassib claimed when podcast co-host Donny Starkins asked for further information Fantastic individual. He is the greatest.”

Carl Nassibwith With His Boyfriend Erik Gudzinas

Despite the fact that he didn’t identify Gudzinas by name, internet sleuths swiftly deduced that he was the most likely candidate to handle the athlete’s heart, especially since Gudzinas had been openly posting more incredibly adorable images of him and Nassib together on his own Instagram account.

It’s not the first time Nassib has shared Gudzinas on his Instagram story!
We adore love in all of its forms, so if Carl is content (which he clearly is), we are as well.

Who Is Carl Nassib's Boyfriend?

Carl Nassib and his partner Erik Gudzinas will be spending their first Thanksgiving together. Nassib will spend part of his holiday season lining up in front of 80,000 screaming football fans at AT&T Stadium, where the Las Vegas Raiders will face the Dallas Cowboys.

Gudzinas will be in his corner, observing from wherever he is on colleague Darren Waller’s podcast, Nassib confessed he’s dating Gudzinas, using language that every LGBTQ person can relate to. It’s liberating to finally be able to express our amorous feelings after years of suppressing them.

This is a highly public relationship, which isn’t always assured in the LGBT world, even after people come out. I was eager to meet up for dates in college, but I refrained from going to gay bars or parties. The process of coming out is a journey. Building confidence can take years.

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It’s clear that Carl and Erik both have it. The Raiders’ offensive lineman does not separate his professional and personal lives. When the Raiders met the Steelers in Week 2, Carl and Erik were together.