Who is Chris Martin dating? Complete Details!

Since 2017, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have been dating.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have been dating for almost five years, but they like to keep many aspects of their relationship private.

Martin started dating Johnson sometime in 2017 after he and his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow “intentionally uncoupled” in 2014 and finalised their divorce in 2016.

Since then, the two have maintained a highly private relationship that seems to involve a lot of intimate dates, beach walks, and trips with Martin and Paltrow’s kids.

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The couple hasn’t said much about one another, but they have provided a few glances into their shared life. During a Coldplay concert in October 2021, Martin openly dedicated his song “Universe” to his fiancée. She’s here, and this is about my universe, he added.

Johnson also made a brief mention of her connection with Martin in December 2021. She said to Elle, “It’s good to be at home and be comfy and private.”

The couple hasn’t responded to the reports of their engagement, despite them circulating.

Here is all you need to know about Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s romance, from a modest sushi date to their comfortable life together in Malibu.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson were photographed out on a date in Los Angeles in October 2017.

Johnson and Martin were first seen out together in Los Angeles’s sushi district in October 2017 on what seemed to be a romantic night.

A source told PEOPLE that they were “cosy, laughing and hugging.” The couple’s representatives were silent at the time of the sighting.

Dakota Johnson sees Chris Martin perform in November 2017

Johnson was spotted at a Coldplay concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a month later. Numerous admirers shared photographs of Johnson taking in the event on social media, as PEOPLE reported at the time.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson go out on a couple more dates in January 2018.

The couple kept on their relationship in the new year and were seen out on a number of intimate dates in Los Angeles.

The two were observed dining together on a Friday night at Malibu’s Soho House in January. “Chris’ automobile brought Dakota and him there. They got together with pals and had a good time, “According to a witness, PEOPLE. “Both of them exuded happiness. They exited the restaurant together and were flirtatious.”

Martin and Johnson were seen walking arm in arm on the beach later that month. They spent “most of the weekend together in Malibu,” an insider claimed.

Despite maybe being camera-shy, they appeared to show their love at the occasion. A witness stated, “They entered holding hands and Dakota was not letting go – she was extremely into the PDA.” She put her arm around Chris as he let go of her hand.

During an interview with Digital Spy in January, Johnson’s father, Don Johnson, also seemed to corroborate the allegations about his daughter’s connection. “Yes, it is, er, alarming, isn’t it? No, she’s a grown girl and is capable of managing herself! “said he.

Dakota Johnson’s mother discusses Chris Martin in May 2018

Johnson’s mother, Melanie Griffith, spoke about her daughter’s relationship shortly after her father appeared to confirm his daughter’s relationship.

I adore this man! Griffith remarked at the Yardbird Southern Table & Bar’s Women’s Empowerment Luncheon hosted by the Global Gift Foundation USA. She didn’t say much since she wanted to protect her daughter’s privacy. She said, “She is extremely private about her life, and I appreciate that.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are spending more time at home in June 2018.

Johnson and Martin’s romance seemed to be going strong in the summer of 2018. They were spotted holding hands in Malibu in June as they strolled Martin’s dog, Zeppelin.

One insider claimed that their connection was intensifying. They have been spending a lot of time together over the past two weeks, a source told PEOPLE. “Dakota seemed to like spending time in Malibu, where Chris resides. Though they frequently host guests at their house, they occasionally go out to dine with friends.”

Dakota Johnson appears to confirm her connection with Chris Martin in September 2018

In a 2018 interview with Tatler, Johnson finally seemed to recognise her connection with Martin after over a year of rumours.

She reportedly stated just, “I’m not going to talk about it, but I am extremely delighted,” according to E! News.

Thanksgiving is celebrated by Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s family in November 2018.

Over Thanksgiving dinner in November 2018, Johnson first met the family, which in this instance included Martin’s ex-wife Paltrow, her current husband Brad Falchuk, and their two children, Apple and Moses.

Gwyneth Paltrow discusses her ex’s romance with Dakota Johnson in January 2020.

In a Harper’s Bazaar interview from 2020, Paltrow discussed her ex-new husband’s relationship in detail.

She and Martin remained close even after getting divorced, as Paltrow recounted. “To continually remake your relationship with your ex—likely because you have kids together—is a lifetime commitment. If you don’t have children together, I don’t see a purpose to do it “She said.

She clarified how Johnson had assimilated with their household. “I cherish her. Given that it’s a bit unorthodox, I can understand how it may come out as strange. However, after going over it repeatedly, I believe that in this instance, I really adore her “She spoke. “What else can you bring in, as opposed to being resistive to or feeling uneasy about, always makes me think of the ampersand sign. Leaning into something like that has so much energy.”

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin work together on a Coldplay music video in February 2020.

Martin and the rest of Coldplay worked together professionally on Coldplay’s “Cry Cry Cry” music video in February 2020, with Johnson serving as the band’s director.

But Johnson assured Marie Claire that she received no preferential treatment as a result of their connection. Like every other filmmaker, I created the script and submitted it to the band, and they selected mine — not because they were favouring me in any way, she added.

Olivia Wilde shares a video of Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin on Instagram in March 2020.

Johnson and Martin seemed to be spending more time together at home during the COVID-19 epidemic. Actress Olivia Wilde, a friend of Johnson’s, gave a handwashing demonstration while providing a look inside their friendship.

Johnson is seen in the video washing her hands, but it soon becomes obvious that Martin, who is watching from behind her, actually has the hands.

December 2020: There are reports that Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are engaged.

After pictures of the actress were released showing her with a sizable emerald ring on her left hand, rumours started to spread that Johnson and Martin were engaged in December 2020. The representatives for Johnson and Martin were silent at the time.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson move into a Malibu home together in January 2021.

Early in 2021, Johnson and Martin moved into a Malibu joint residence. While Johnson “seemed like more of a city girl” in the early stages of their relationship, a source told PEOPLE shortly after their relocation that she was loving life in Malibu.

She seemed to be enjoying it equally as Chris, according to the insider. “They frequently stroll the beach since they both like being outside. They also assist neighbourhood eateries.”

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson vacation in Spain in July 2021.

Martin and Johnson were spotted in Palma de Mallorca in July 2021 while on vacation. The couple was seen riding a boat off the shore and strolling hand in hand.

Chris Martin dedicates a Coldplay song to Dakota Johnson in October 2021.

Martin seldom discusses his connection with Johnson in public, but in 2021, when Coldplay performed in London, the singer tenderly acknowledged Johnson.

Martin said, “This is about my universe, and she’s here,” in a fan-filmed introduction to the song “My Universe.” Then Johnson may be seen dancing on the front balcony row.

November 2021: Chris Martin’s connection with Dakota Johnson is revealed by her father.

In the beginning, Don Johnson could have been wary of his daughter’s relationship with Martin, but by November 2021, he seemed to be a strong supporter of her boyfriend.

On Good Day New York, he responded to a question regarding the rumours of an engagement by saying, “Oh goodness. My thoughts are limited to the next seven to eight seconds.”

But he’s a nice person, so if she’s happy, I’ll be happy too, he said. “Additionally, I would assume that there will be grandkids available for that if she decided to get married in the near future. That portion would thrill me quite a bit.”

Dakota Johnson discusses her relationship with Chris Martin in December 2021.

In an interview with Elle in December 2021, Johnson talked openly about their daily life.

She noted that her and Martin’s everyday routine is largely calm. We’ve been dating for a while, and although we occasionally go out, she added, “we both work so hard that it’s wonderful to remain at home and be snug and private.” “The majority of the partying occurs inside my residence.”

Chris Martin interrupts Dakota Johnson’s Zoom performance in January 2022

Martin briefly disrupted a Sundance Film Festival Zoom event in January 2022, giving viewers another look at Johnson and Martin’s friendship.

Johnson spoke with interviewer Charlie Sextro, co-star Vanessa Burghardt, and director and writer Cooper Raiff during a Zoom interview for the movie Cha Cha Real Smooth. There was a slight pause while Johnson sought to connect when Sextro introduced her to the line.

A short while later, Martin’s camera connected to show her laughing with him. He had evidently assisted his girlfriend with some technological issues. As he swiftly exited the room, Martin flashed a peace sign.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson will honour Barbra Streisand’s 80th birthday in April 2022.

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Johnson and Martin assisted Barbra Streisand in celebrating her 80th birthday with a tea gathering in April 2022. Streisand shared a picture from the event with the pair, along with her husband James Brolin and stepson Josh Brolin, who was also there.