Who Is Lirik Girlfriend? Complete Details!

Online, Saqib Ali Zahid, an American, goes by the moniker Lirik. He was one of Twitch’s most well-liked streamers in 2022 with more than 2.9 million followers. One of the 200 influencers that Discord uses to market the service is Zahid.

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Achieving success in the streaming industry

Since 2011, Zahid has been broadcasting live. Prior to DayZ’s release, he played World of Warcraft, but he now just plays DayZ. He prioritized regular streaming in 2012. Eventually, 20,000–40,000 viewers each stream, on average, began to tune in.

In an interview with Zahid conducted by PCGamesN in 2016, the topic of “streams and how the service will grow” was covered.

Zahid began broadcasting PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017, however, he has subsequently criticized the game for being “riddled with problems” and “stale.” Zahid agreed to attend the PUBG Winter Charity Invitational since the top three teams’ charities would each get $200,000 in total. He is the seventh-most successful streamer after earning more than $200,000 in 2017.

Lirik said he will stick with Twitch in 2019 after a large number of streamers moved to Mixer. As of last December, he has been bound by a contract with Twitch for a number of years.

Exists Lirik’s girlfriend already?

Despite Cassie’s inclination for seclusion, Lirik said that they have been dating for a while. The gamer thanked Twitch for offering the peaceful retreat and shared a “photo” of himself at Glitchcon 2020 with Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear. “Having fun with my SO,” he said. Goodbye till the next time!

He effectively verified their prior intimate relationship with that social media post. His girlfriend is reportedly a well-known German Twitch broadcaster, however, he hasn’t publicly addressed the matter.

He routinely publishes pictures of his kitties, which he loves more than anything, as opposed to publishing photos of his spouse. Lirik could soon follow the strange Twitch streamers that broadcast several games without turning on their webcams.

Despite frequently showing their digital avatar on the live broadcast screen, faceless broadcasters on Twitch have recently gained popularity. The only things aired are Lirik’s voice and the computer shows’ screens.

How much does Lirik earn and is worth as a streamer online

With a beginning monthly revenue of $500,000 and a net worth of over $4 million, Lirik is one of the highest-paid Twitch streamers. The streamer’s subscriber base has increased over the past several years, but since he is a Twitch streamer and gets paid through subscriptions, he does not have a steady monthly income.

Lirik currently has more than 2.9 million Twitch followers, and each of her daily, five- to six-hour sessions averages between 20,000 and 25,000 viewers.

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Lirik began his professional life in 2011 by streaming the then-trendy World of Warcraft, but he soon switched to DayZ. His broadcasts started to amass a greater audience after PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) saw a meteoric spike in popularity.

He has a few more income streams in addition to his streaming earnings because of the popularity of his products and his partnership with Discord.