Who Is Clay Travis’s Wife? All You Need To Know!

Richard Clay Travis is an American writer, attorney, radio host, and TV analyst. Travis started OutKick when he was a sports reporter. As a political commentator, he and Buck Sexton host The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, a conservative three-hour talk show that started on June 21, 2021. On many radio stations, it took the place of The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Travis calls himself a “radical moderate,” and before Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, he always voted Democrat. Sources say that in recent years, he has become much more conservative.

Who Is Clay Travis's Wife? All You Need To Know!

Aside from his work life, he is open about his personal life as well. Clay Travis married his lovely wife Lara in 2004. He was 25 years old at this time.

Read on to learn all about Clay Travis’s wife and kids.

Who Is Clay Travis’s Wife?

Lara Travis used to be a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans. Now, she sometimes posts on Clay’s media platform, OutKick. She is well-known as Clay Travis’s wife.

Travis told The Tennessean in 2014 that Lara was from Michigan and that they met at Vanderbilt. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling and Guidance.

“We met in law school, but after the first year, she decided she didn’t want to be a lawyer.” Lara Travis’s home state is Michigan. Travis said, “She moved down here when she was in law school, so we were in the same class.”

Who Is Clay Travis's Wife? All You Need To Know!

Lara’s Instagram handle is @lara.travis, so you can find her there.

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Know About Clay And Lara Travis’s Kids

Clay and Lara both have three kids.

They have three sons, and they gave one of them the name Abraham Lincoln.

They had a party for their youngest son’s birthday on September 19. Lara posted on Instagram, where she uploaded a few photos of the birthday party with his husband and son. She wrote, “HBD to our youngest” in the post’s caption.

Lara and Clay are both active on social media, and they keep posting pictures of their sons on their own accounts. The happy family of five always looks like they’re having a great time when they go on adventures.

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Know About  Lara Travis’s Past Relationship

A few years ago, Clay Travis’s friend sent him an email saying that he thought his wife had an affair with Eddie George in the past. Eddie George coaches American football and used to play the game.

Clay said in response, “This is a very strange and crazy thing to send to a stranger. Eddie is one of my friends, but he hasn’t met my wife yet. I really think that message board rumors are crazy. Also for her. Before we started dating, she was with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, not EG.”

Eddie George

He continued, “And if she had slept with him, which she hasn’t, then more power to her. It’s not 1904. Before getting married, women sleep with men. Some of them might even be a different color, which probably surprises you. Lesson: When you’re rich and have a big dk, you don’t worry about other rich guys with big dks. Since I’m poor and have a small d**k, I thought you should know.