Who Is Don Lemon’s Husband? Complete Information!

The handsome CNN Tonight host Don Lemon is in the news because of an interview he did on Monday with Trump’s former deputy secretary of state (28 Nov). During the interview, he asked Trump some tough questions about his recent dinner with anti-Semite Nick Fuentes.

Don Lemon is an American TV reporter, in case you didn’t know that. Most people know him for being a host on CNN. He is the person in charge of the TV show CNN This Morning. Lemon was a news reporter for NBC, and he worked on shows like “Today” and “NBC Nightly News.” Lemon has also won an Edward R. Murrow Award, as well as three regional Emmy Awards. Tonight was Don Lemon’s Famous show.

Who Is Don Lemon’s Husband? Complete Information!

Lemon has been living in his truth for a long time, and now he is proud to say so. In 2011, when his memoir, Transparent, came out, he told everyone he was gay.

He is known both for being an anchor and for the relationships he has built. This article tells us everything we need to know about her husband and their relationship.

Meet Tim Malone, Don Lemon’s Husband

Tim Malone works as a real estate agent in the New York town of Water Mill. In April 1984, he was born.

Since he got his BA in journalism and history from Boston College, Tim lives in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. He used to work behind the scenes for The Today Show and NBCUniversal before he went into real estate instead of the media.

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Malone also worked in the sales departments of both the SyFy network and the USA network. Malone then worked as a director at Billboard and then as the executive director of brand partnerships for three years. Before joining Douglas Elliman Real Estate in February 2020, he was a real estate agent for The Corcoran Group for two years.

Who Is Don Lemon’s Husband? Complete Information!

Know About Malone And Lemon Relationship

In the summer of 2016, Malone and Lemon started going out together. When Malone showed up on Lemon’s Instagram for the first time in April 2017, they told the public that they were dating. They kissed on New Year’s Eve while CNN was broadcasting live from the Spotted Cat in New Orleans.

There were rumors that they met at the same bar the year before, but Lemon tweeted, “Clarification. We didn’t get together at a bar. We were both at the bar. We met in New York.” On April 6, 2019, which was also Tim’s birthday, Don Lemon got engaged to his long-time partner.

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Little is known about their upcoming wedding, like when it will happen or if it will be in Malone’s hometown of Water Mill, Lemon’s hometown of Baton Rouge, New York City (where they both live in Sag Harbor and Harlem), or somewhere else.

Who Is Don Lemon’s Husband? Complete Information!

“I just want to enjoy the good times. Then we’ll get married when we want to,” Lemon told People. “Most people tell me to just enjoy the ceremony and not worry too much about the planning. From what they do on Instagram, it looks like they’re listening to that advice.