Who Is Cris Pannullo’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know!

Cris, a customer success operations manager from Ocean City, New Jersey, beat Sam Papuha and Holly Smith on Black Friday and won his 15th runway. This keeps him at No. 10 on the Legends Leaderboard for most games won in a row. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, his $526,544 in regular-season wins put him in seventh place with the most money won.

People are curious about Cris’ personal life now that he is famous and successful. Cris has a girlfriend, and her name is Heather, in case anyone didn’t know.

Cris Pannullo is very careful about his privacy, and he doesn’t want anyone to know anything about his personal life. He talked about his girlfriend on the set of Jeopardy and thanked her for putting up with his love of the game.

Who Is Cris Pannullo’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know!

Heather, Cris’s girlfriend, was the one who told him he should go to the show. She was also a big help to Cris when he was getting ready for his game. Cris told his girlfriend that he did well because of her.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Cris Pannullo’s girlfriend and more.

In An Interview, Cris Pannullo Praises His Girlfriend But Doesn’t Say Who She Is

Cris Pannullo recently said in an interview that his girlfriend was the reason he joined the show. She was the one who told him to go after what he wanted. Cris says that she did an excellent job of getting him ready for the competition. In an interview, Cris said that his girlfriend was “a wonderful coach, a wonderful partner, and a wonderful human being.”

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Cris raves about how much her girlfriend believes in him and supports him. It was said that the two had been together for close to ten years. Heather was there for him through the highs and lows of his life.

There isn’t much known about Cris’s girlfriend because he is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to talk about his private life in public, including his love life.

Who Is Cris Pannullo’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know!

Know More About Cris Pannullo

Pannullo is no stranger to game shows. In 2018, he appeared on an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? On the other hand, he has much better luck on Jeopardy! then he did on Millionaire, where he only won $5,000 after missing the $7,000 question.

Cris is an operations manager for customer success and a deep thinker. He used to be a professional poker player. The fact that Pannullo used to play poker might explain why he takes big risks when he plays. Jeopardy! The game’s host, Ken Jennings, says that the player did a good job with his poker skills. Ken once said that Cris was like a player named James Holzhauer in the year 2019, who won 32 games and made $2.46 million.

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Pannullo joked on the show when asked what he was going to do with his winnings, “In this economy, Ken, I’m just putting it all under my mattress.” The hardest part will be getting it all flat so I don’t have to sleep on a bumpy bed. I’ll get it done, though.