Who Is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend? Complete Details!

If you’ve ever looked around on TikTok, you’ve probably come across Drew Afualo, a creator whose followers have grown from 1.5 million in less than 10 months to 7.8 million now.

TikToker, who is 26 years old, is well-known for her reaction videos. She doesn’t hold back when responding to misogyny and bigotry online, which is often directed at guys hiding behind anonymous usernames and profile pictures. She also challenges the idea that the moral high ground is always the best and only choice. The “Queen of the Roast” on TikTok has known for a long time that it’s much more effective to instead go full attack mode.

Drew Afualo became well-known on the platform after he started the roasts in early 2021.

Who Is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend?

Since her fans called her the “defender of women,” her account has gained over 7 million followers and been viewed hundreds of millions of times. Afualo’s cause has gained a cult following because her videos are short and funny, full of pointed jabs and real facts that hit the viewer like a punch in the stomach.

As is the case with most internet stars, Drew Afualo’s fans are interested in the personal details of her life, like who she dates. We will talk about who Drew Afualo’s boyfriend is in this post.

Who Is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend?

Drew Afualo is dating Pili Tanuvasa, an American fitness trainer and social media personality who is also of Pacific Islander descent. He grew up in the Southern California area, just like Afualo. Before he opened his fitness business, he played American football in college. In 2022, he opened a gym in California that serves a wide range of people.

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Nobody knows exactly when Drew Afualo started dating Pili Tanuvasa. So far, they’ve been able to keep it a secret. The couple posts photos of themselves on Instagram and Facebook all the time.

Who Is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend?

Fans now know how much they care about each other because of all those pictures that show their chemistry. When asked about Pili, Drew Afualo said that all of her success so far is because of his constant support. Before, Drew would sometimes use Snapchat to tell her friends how she felt. Her boyfriend, Pili Tanuvasa, told her to try her luck on the more popular site Tiktok. To get things going, she showed some funny movies that showed red flags in guys and talked about some of her own bad dating experiences.

About Pili Tanuvasa

Pili “Billy” Tanuvasa was born and raised in sunny California. He has been a sports prodigy ever since he could pick up a ball.

Billy got two full football scholarships because he was a star at both Santa Ana Junior College and the college he went to before that, Orange Coast College. After that, he played basketball at Azusa Pacific University for the last two years of college. Even though he was one of the best football players in the country when he graduated from college, Billy knew something wasn’t right.

Who Is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend?

Billy weighed 310 pounds when he stopped playing football. He quickly found out how unhappy he was. Then Billy made a promise to himself and, because he liked being active, set out to change his life for the better. In just over 2 years, he lost 75 pounds and more than 10% of his body fat. Billy, who weighs 235 pounds, wants everyone to do well in life, no matter where they come from or what problems they face.

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Pili, whose real name is Billy, often leaves supportive comments on Drew’s social media posts.

Drew now runs the “Strong Like Drew” fitness program in America’s biggest cities with Pili Tanuvasa. The application has had two major versions so far. In 2022, they’re still together and doing well.