Who Is Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend?

The American actress, dancer, and director, who is known for movies like Cut and Speak No Evil, has moved on with Gabrielle Stone’s current boyfriend Taymour Ghazi after her famous divorce. Who is Taymour Ghazi, and how old is he?

Eat Pray Love was written by a well-known author while she was traveling all over Europe. But right now, her fans want to know more about her boyfriend, Taymour Ghazi. And after the most recent episode of her popular podcast FML Talk, there have been a lot more searches for Taymour Ghazi.

Meet  Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend, Taymour Ghazi

Taymour Ghazi is an actor and producer from the United States who lives in San Francisco with Gabrielle Stone. Taymour was born on June 16, 1974, so as of 2022, he will be 48 years old.

When he was cast as Ryan in the comedy adventure film Tangy Guacamole, Taymour became more interested in acting. After that, he made cameos and guest appearances on shows like Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives, NCIS: New Orleans, Lost Tapes, and CSI: Miami.

Who Is Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend?

Taymour Ghazi, who is dating Gabrielle Stone, is also known for his roles in the movies After Emma, Maple Palm, Traces Tragedy, Relapse, and the Long Night. He also helped make Ghost Town: The Movie, a movie that came out in 2007.

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Is Gabrielle Stone Engaged With Taymour Ghazi?

There have been rumors that Gabrielle Stone and Taymour Ghazi are engaged. So, let’s find out what’s true. Are they really getting engaged, or was it just a rumor?

Gabrielle and Tymor got engaged in the romantic Italian city of Positano on the Amalfi Coast last June. The actress just recently posted a series of photos to her Instagram account. One of the photos showed a beautiful engagement ring that Taymour had given her.

In the caption, she also wrote, “The kind of love we only read about in books.” The quote was more than enough for her fans to understand how much the two of them love each other.

Taymour, meanwhile, wrote that he couldn’t be happier than to be engaged to Gabrielle, the love of his life.

Who Is Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend?

“There are some people in your life who capture the essence of who you are. She is the best, in my opinion. She makes my life whole and better every day.”

Gabrielle Stone’s boyfriend Taymour Ghazi added a few more words about the best part of his life, which he said was the joy he gets from spending time with his fiance and his daughter.

It seems that his daughter is also very happy for her dad, who has fallen in love with Gabrielle, who is an angel. There have been many pictures of the three of them looking happy and proud to be together.

Is Taymour Ghazi Active On Social Media?

As of this writing, Gabrielle Stone’s boyfriend, Taymour Ghazi, has 7,136 followers and 312 posts on Instagram. His handle is @taymourghazi. So far, he has shown his sweetheart a few photos. In Taymour’s most recent post, the couple posed with their drinks in front of a shelf made of vines.

Taymour Ghazi, Gabrielle Stone’s boyfriend, is seen wearing a suit and looking classy and neat. Gabrielle, on the other hand, wore deep blue loose pants and a blue top and rocked her look. In the next picture, which was a selfie that she took, he is kissing her on the cheek. They look happy and in love when they are together.

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“I don’t post very often,” he wrote in the caption. But I mean it when I say that,” he said. “I’m excited about our future.”

He said it again that she makes his life so much better. He ended his love letter by calling her a peanut and telling her, “I love you, Peanut.”

Gabrielle is in about half of the photos on his Instagram page. Since they started dating, he has been doing these things to show how much he loves and respects her. Their fans have been enjoying them.

Now, everyone is very excited to find out when Gabrielle Stone and Taymour Ghazi will get married. The couple looks like they can’t wait to be husband and wife.