Who Is Jazmin Sawyers’ Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Details!

Jazmin Sawyers’ training for the Olympics was so demanding that she only had the chance to see her boyfriend, a runner, twice this year once when they happened to cross paths in America.

Guy Learmonth, who lives 240 miles away in Berwick-upon-Tweed, was kept apart from the long jumper, 27, who is located in Loughborough, by the lockdown. When Sawyers, a world, Commonwealth, and European medalist, began preparing for Tokyo 2020 at a training camp in Florida, the Atlantic subsequently separated them.

It’s wonderful to have someone who understands like Guy, she remarked. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together. In America, we came into contact. The guy is never going to try to talk me into coming over on the weekends while he knows I’m in training. Both of us are working toward achieving our goals.

Is Jazmin Sawyers Dating Anyone?

Guy Learmonth and Jazmin Sawyers are a couple, but they live apart by 240 miles. They explained to Rhona McLeod that athletes should be open and honest with one another.

The European long jump champion Sawyers, who is presently living in Loughborough, adds, “The whole lockdown thing, yeah I’d like Guy to be here and he’d like me to be there but we both realize that the best place for each of us is in our respective houses.”

There is no hostility toward that. You have to make decisions that are best for you and your athletic career because I’m doing the exact same thing, so I get it.

Who Is Jazmin Sawyers' Boyfriend?

British indoor 800m champion Learmonth, who resides in Berwick, continues, “I never thought I would go out with an athlete, and I know Jazz is the same.

“We simply occurred. It only seems right. I won’t interfere with her routine. I’m not going to go to the track and try to distract you, nor am I going to pinch your bum or snog your face off! Simply having that insight.

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Early Life

Jazmin Sawyers is a British long jump competitor and sports broadcaster who was born on May 21, 1994. She has also participated as a heptathlete and bobsledder.

She won the silver medal in the long jump for England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She won a bronze medal in 2022 and a silver medal in the 2016 European Athletics Championships. She came in eighth in the long jump at both the Summer Olympics in 2016 and 2020. Her outdoor best is 6.90m, which she attained in June 2021. She participated in The Voice UK’s sixth season in 2017.


When she won the long jump competition at the 2020 British Athletics Championships with a jump of 6.69 meters, she became a double British champion. She has won the competition before, back in 2016.

Sawyers placed eighth in the final at the 2020 Summer Olympics, which were held in Tokyo in 2021, with a distance of 6.80. She was in third place after all of the finalists had made their initial jumps at the 2022 World Championships in Eugene, Oregon, but was knocked out of the top 8 after eventual winner Malaika Mihambo made her first legitimate jump at the third attempt.

Who Is Jazmin Sawyers' Boyfriend?

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She covered 6.62 miles and came in ninth. She made five tries at the 2022 European Championships and finished in fourth place. Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk of Ukraine was in third place with a score of 6.76 until Sawyers snatched the bronze medal with a score of 6.80 in the last round, reversing the result from 2018 when Bekh-Romanchuk knocked Sawyers off the podium with her final jump.