Who Is Mia Sully’s Boyfriend? Complete Biography, Relationship Details!

Mia is a 23-year-old Effective content self-taught make-up artist who has a YouTube channel where she posts instructions.

She studied performing arts at Italia Conti and defines herself as “bubbly, glamorous, and lively.” Mia is categorized as an extra actor and part-time model on the books of the talent agency Star Now.

Are Mia and Rudi still together?

Rudi Hewitt and Mia Sully are no longer together! In episode 8 of the show, the Ascot couple appeared to be getting along swimmingly. It certainly didn’t last, as Mia has been constantly uploading images of herself and her new boyfriend, Henry Simmons, on social media!

Who Is Mia Sully's Boyfriend?

While Mia and Henry’s relationship appeared to be nothing more than lighthearted flirting at first, it appears that things have taken a turn for the worse.

Mia and Henry appear frequently go out dancing together and even dressed up as a pair for Halloween 2019!

Past Relationship

Mia is dating Alfie Best Jr, a billionaire Romany gypsy. He’s a rising star in the worlds of reality and entertainment, and he’s the heir to his father, Alfie Best Snr’s, residential park, which is Europe’s largest.

Alfie Jr also owns a residential park and considers himself an entrepreneur, so he has plenty of cash to put on the races at Ascot if he so desires.

Who Is Mia Sully's Boyfriend?

On social media, the couple frequently posts photographs of themselves dressed to the nines on nights out.

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Early Life

She was born in Australia on July 10, 1995, and received her early education at Homeland, as well as completing her Master of Science degree in High School and College. She is a very intelligent and hardworking model. Her schooling is a graduation, and she is now an Instagram celebrity who is growing day by day. She’s a well-known social media influencer.

Who Is Mia Sully's Boyfriend?

She is an intelligent young lady. She is an Australian model and one of the most prominent Instagram stars. She has a lot of fame and money thanks to social media; she is quite well-known on Instagram, and she is a stunning queen with a stunning face and smile.

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She has a large following on social media platforms, the most popular of which is Instagram. She is an exceptionally gifted model.

Net Worth

Her main source of money comes from Instagram, where she sponsors a post. This is her primary source of income, and her net worth is estimated to be around $24.1 million USD.