Parker Schnabel is a gold miner and reality TV star from the United States. He is best known for being on the long-running reality TV show Gold Rush and its spinoff, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

Talking about his private life, Parker is a workaholic who puts his mining work ahead of his personal life.

He bought his dream house in Alaska. It was a huge mansion with all the latest features that cost more than $950,000. In January 2017, Parker upset his fans when he posted on Facebook that he was going to show the world his baby soon, only to change the story and say that the “baby” was his new dog.

When it comes to Parker’s love life, earlier there were many murmurs regarding his relationship with Ashley and Tyler Mahoney, who hails from a long history of Australian prospectors.

In this post, we’ll explore regarding Parker Schnabel current girlfriend and his past relationships.

Does Parker Schnabel Have A Girlfriend?

As per multiple sources, there is no information regarding Parker Schnabel current relationship status. Moreover, he hasn’t dropped any hints on his social media sites. So, it seems that the gold miner is busy in his career and living a single life.

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We would update you when any new information comes out.

Is Parker Schnabel Still Dating Ashley Youle?

Ashley started dating Parker before she even appeared in the Season 7 of Gold Rushin in 2016. Ashley was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, and Parker was taking a vacation in Australia during a filming break when they crossed paths.

They got along well, and within a few months, Parker had invited his new girlfriend back to Alaska. Youle accepted and got her tourist visa so she could go to the US.

Ashley was a trained vet nurse when the young lovers met, and she has since gone back to work in that field after her time on Gold Rush.

Where Is 'Gold Rush' Star Ashley Youle, Parker Schnabel's Ex-Girlfriend?

Not long after Ashley first appeared on the long-running reality TV show, Parker was interviewed by Maxim magazine. When he was pushed to talk about his beautiful blonde girlfriend and her newfound fame as a gold miner, Parker was full of praise.

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He started off by saying that he thinks Ashley is underrated as a miner because she worked really hard all summer. He went on to say that having Youle on the show was good for his own health and that the rest of the cast liked having her around. He also called his girlfriend a “really cool chick,” Schnabel said.

After two years together, Parker said in December 2018 that the two were no longer together.

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