Who Is Symone Sander’s Husband?

American author, political strategist, and commentator Symone Sanders also writes books.

She became well-known after she became Vice President Kamala Harris’s main spokesman and one of her top advisors.

She also worked as Bernie Sanders’ national press secretary during his 2016 campaign for president as a Democrat. She left the campaign, which was a shame.

Who Is Symone Sander’s Husband?

She is already married. A year after getting engaged, she married her long-term partner Shawn Townsend in July 2022.

Who Is Symone Sander's Husband?

Symone Sanders and Shawn Townsend’s Surprise Wedding Shocked Everyone

Symone Sanders, the former chief spokesperson for the vice president of the United States, and Shawn Townsend, the Night Mayor of Washington, D.C., kept their wedding a secret until it started on Friday afternoon.

The powerful political couple got married in front of about 100 family and friends who didn’t know about it.

Symone is now a beautiful bride. At the beginning of this year, she was the host of her own show on MSNBC.

The couple got married at the Larz Anderson House on Embassy Row in a surprise ceremony.

Sanders said a few months ago that the couple was going to get married in Mexico, but they changed their minds.

Only a few of the about 100 guests knew that they were at a wedding.

The groom said that his beautiful bride was his “ride or die.”

Who Is Symone Sander's Husband?

”It’s the moments behind closed doors that we’ve shared.”

”Whether it’s me complaining about Real Housewives, a political debate or photobombing my Zoom calls. It is all time we spent together.”

The bride promised her husband that she would always be there for him and said:

”To put it simply you’re the best man I know. I’m very grateful just for everything that you are.”

”You have always just been the most thorough person. You are so kind. You are so loving.”

After the Pastor told the couple that they were now husband and wife, they jumped the broom to make the marriage official.

In the evening, when more guests showed up to celebrate the couple’s engagement, they were shocked to find out that they were already married. This made things even more fun.

The new couple will have a good time in Washington for a while. Then, in the fall, they will go on a two-week honeymoon in the Mediterranean.

Here’s hoping that the new couple has a very happy life together.

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Symone Sander Professional Life

Since she was a young girl, Symone Sanders has had a strong passion for presenting, and she has always imagined that one day she will be the host of her very own television show.

She had her very first experience working in the restaurant industry at Time Out Foods in Omaha, which is run by African Americans.

In 2014, she worked as the deputy communications director for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook in addition to serving in the communications department of former Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle, for whom she worked in the communications department.

Who Is Symone Sander's Husband?

Later on, in August of 2015, she joined the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders for the 2016 election, with the intention of working as a national press secretary.

In December, fusion recognized Symone as one of 30 young women under the age of 30 who will have a significant impact on the elections in 206.

Unfortunately, Sanders resigned from the Sanders campaign in June of 2016, and shortly thereafter began working for CNN as an analyst and commentator.

In the same year, Rolling Stone magazine recognized Sanders as one of the 16 Young Americans Who Will Shape the 2016 Election.

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Symone Sander Controversy

In reference to the allegations and controversy surrounding her, she resigned from Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign in late June of 2016, claiming that “she was not let go” and that “leaving the campaign was her decision.” This is according to what she has said about the matter.